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How to Grow eCommerce sales and get more customers with Live Shopping

Date : June 2, 2021

Traditionally, shopping has always been a personal experience. The sensory touch, feel, and excitement that follows while shopping at a brick-and-mortar store creates long-lasting memories and personal stories for any individual. But with the rapid transition to online-only business, especially in 2020 post-covid, shoppers now miss the high-touch experience. 

E-shopping is thriving and estimated to grow to $4.8 trillion in 2021. However, customer engagement is becoming increasingly hard to sustain. This is largely due to 

  • Low attention span, lack of time, and the need for instant gratification of modern-day internet users.
  • Globally over 76% of carts are abandoned due to low customer confidence leading to over US$2T+ in lost sales. 
  • According to the latest HubSpot research report, over 55% of web visitors spend less than 15 seconds browsing. 

Businesses today are losing out on sales GMV $ primarily because the shopping experience akin to a real-life is missing in traditional eCommerce that is now increasingly becoming boring and outdated. Don’t let that happen to you!

In order to focus on growing customer engagement and, in turn, higher sales, brands are now using interactive technologies to bridge the gap. Take China’s case where Alibaba’s ‘See Now, Buy Now’ showcased products demonstrated in the runaway. During the live show, the audience could purchase the luxury brands right from their device. It is a sign of the rising popularity of live streaming in China, estimated to be a $204.4 billion USD industry.

For direct-to-consumer (DTC) eCommerce and traditional retail brands, both, an increase in online sales conversions are possible only when customers engage with your brand. For this, you need to provide an exceptional virtual experience that helps the end consumer relate to your brand and get to know your products better. 

Interactive video-social commerce and live shopping are hugely popular and relevant mediums for this. It creates a clear differentiation from your competitors and puts your brand and its products out there, especially when your focus is on customer engagement and customer retention for increasing your sales. That’s where Swirl can help you out. Swirl is a new-age Live Commerce mobile SaaS that uses Interactive videos to power businesses with real-time virtual shopping enabling them to engage, convert and retain more customers.

Our technology helps businesses to create byte-sized short videos and Livestream shopping sessions with built-in CTA’s that allows the end consumers to 

  • Ask questions
  • Send voice messages
  • Live chat 
  • Click Show Me to see product details
  • Request a video call and 
  • Buy now to make purchases online while watching the video

It requires no app download and offers businesses full control and access over the customer data. Already 100+ brands in India now trust us and our product has demonstrated over 57% increase in customer engagement leading to a 34% improvement in sales conversions.

 1. Our Journey – From GetNatty to Swirl

Starting in 2016, GetNatty was initially founded as a designer fashion marketplace that quickly expanded within four years, to more than 500+ brands and over 10,000+ customers in 10+ cities of India launching over 25+ in-stores (shop-in-shops) in Mumbai. Our core focus during this time was supporting emerging fashion brands and independent designer labels who wanted to showcase their collections on a digital platform and grow their business to multiple cities. 

We focused on the premium fashion category to leverage the surge in online retail, and the rising disposable incomes as the customer’s demand for premium fashion went beyond the top-tier cities in India. GetNatty found prominent spots in national press mentions like Times of India, Entrepreneur India, Your Story, VCCircle, and many more. It’s just the beginning, and we continue to serve the high demand for shopping but with a slight twist since 2021 and beyond.

What led to the pivot?

The year 2020 had different plans for the entire world. It has permanently changed the way shoppers interact with brands. We noticed a big shift in the way our brand partners were connecting with their customers using new-age technological tools such as WhatsApp video calling, zoom sessions, UPI payments, and other third-party tools which was a refreshing take on witnessing the rapid adoption of technology and digitalization on both sides. We saw Live Commerce as this massive opportunity which is at the intersection of video + social + interactive commerce and decided to pivot and provide video as a backbone to power real-time virtual shopping helping businesses to boost their online sales and win more customers.  And so, Swirl was born.

Swirl is our attempt to bridge the online-offline gap by tapping into the immense opportunity for brands to meet customers right where they shop from while humanizing and imitating the in-store shopping experience. With restrictions on mobility, brands today need to rethink their business strategy without spending extensively on reaching the end consumer. With the global rollout of 5G, live streaming will soon become a default in every industry be it education to entertainment to eCommerce and retail. This is a prime opportunity for businesses to present themselves to their target audience who are primed to listen and act on video content that suits their needs, appeals to their uniqueness, and gives them swift solutions to their problems. China already has over 524M+ live streamers with live commerce projected to occupy over 13% market share of eCommerce sales GMV by 2022

With Swirl, brands can now add the power of interactive, shoppable videos to their online business and bring their products to life. It not only helps them bring the personal touch to online shopping but also turns a one-time shopper into a lifelong customer. Swirl can be used both as a standalone app, or easily plug into any website without writing a single line of code. It offers both online-to-offline, as well as offline-to-online virtual shopping solutions to businesses of all sizes be it small, medium, or large. From fashion to beauty, to retail, to lifestyle, to FMCG, to F&B, pharma, restaurants, and much more, our technology has the potential to be truly category agnostic and location-agnostic and enables businesses to turbocharge the pre-purchase journey of the end consumer. 

2. How Swirl helps brands to Listen at scale?

Swirl can easily plug into any brand and retailer websites to accelerate their sales helping brands engage, convert and retain more customers. It provides access to all customer data points, analytics, and metrics such as:

  • Customer name & Verified mobile number
  • All Interaction touchpoints made by them
  • Total and average time spent
  • Repeat visits rate
  • Conversation history
  • Consumer Persona
  • And, predictive conversion intent score 

..that enables businesses to listen to their customers at scale who can then use that information to tailor their product offerings as per the market needs and stay ahead of the game. Using swirl, businesses can: 

1) Create byte-sized short videos or Livestream shopping sessions that require no app download to engage more customers. It helps you to publish shoppable videos, adapt one-to-many streaming experience without delays, and lets you scale to infinite audience views by easily sharing the links socially.

2) Go live and start interacting with customers in real-time, generate leads, and retarget the audience using Text + Chat + WhatsApp + SMS + Voice call to convert more customers. Once you are Live, you can invite contacts, check the conversion intent score and remarket to shoppers that are more likely to convert. 

3) Start selling – and retain more customers by providing in-video checkouts or redirect them to any external web/product page link for eg: Shopify, WordPress, etc to maintain full control of the customer and the transaction data that is fully encrypted and securely hosted on our cloud servers, saving you invaluable time, and money.

Swirl works on the idea of having Tik-Tok-style short-form videos or Instagram-style live videos that can be shared with the customer via a simple link that requires no app download. Think Zoom for shopping. So the customer can click the link and watch the video on full screen,  start interacting with the sales associates in real-time through text, chat, audio, SMS, and Whatsapp, thereby giving them a similar to an in-store visit experience virtually. It creates a highly engaging experience leading to more average time spent, more consideration, and purchase intent that leads to an increase in sales conversions.  

Swirl - Online Video Shopping

3. Why do you need to use Swirl for your business?   

Hosting videos and integrating them with your eCommerce business often means you indulge in an in-house app creation that means hiring developers, managing servers, building your own video streaming + eCommerce tech stacks which will require constant refinements, fine-tunings, up-gradation, and maintenance. This is a huge cost center for businesses of all sizes, however big or small and requires a tremendous amount of financial and mental bandwidth to be allocated to it, not to mention the time it takes to be able to execute such a mammoth project. 

For a business owner whose core expertise is not technology, this is apparently not advisable as their focus should always be to play on their own strengths. Moreover, Swirl also helps businesses to fight the existential threat from large eCommerce players as well as ward off the dangers of gatekeeping practices adopted by big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc who do not like to reveal user information to businesses since it is not in their own best interests.

With Swirl, our vision is to remove these hurdles for brands and unwrap an easy solution that’s swift, prompt, cost-effective and leaves behind an exceptional experience for your end consumers to keep coming back for more. Plus we provide a No code integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, and several other eCommerce platforms. Our team of technology, eCommerce, and retail experts come with over 50+ years of combined experience with a deep understanding of the consumer journey. 

4) What are the different ways to use Swirl?

Swirl caters to businesses of all sizes, be it D2C brands, eCommerce brands, Retailers, SMB’s or micro-merchants and can be used across any consumer and physical goods industries where brands need to demonstrate a physical tangible product to sell. It offers a cloud-based interactive and immersive video shopping software-as-a-service that can be easily deployed anytime, anywhere, to instantly start boosting their online sales by harnessing the power of live commerce that requires no coding knowledge or technology integration.


Consumers today spend 30X more time-consuming video content compared to product shopping and its consumption has gone up by 4.3X over the last 12 months. Videos and Live Streams are a great way to attract your target audience and take notice of what your brand has to offer, especially when they are authentic videos, short by product experts or brand influencers. Be it new launches, a live event, offers, giveaways, or promotions, Swirl is the perfect way for you to bring your products to life and get more people interested by adding the power of interactive and immersive one-to-many, Instagram-style video shopping to your online business. 

For eg: Checkout how GreenBerry Organics, a D2C beauty brand launched their new product line with Swirl Live shopping and increased the average time spent by 70% 


With Swirl, brands and their associates can effortlessly create their own short or live shoppable videos by tagging products and sharing links with customers whether they are visiting a website or sending an inquiry on Whatsapp, or a DM on Instagram / Facebook, etc. This develops a highly engaging experience allowing more customers to interact via Text, Chat, Whatsapp, Record Voice messages, Ask Questions or Request to Show Me to see product details while watching the video. In case for some reason if they are unable to join your live stream video session, then they can still access the video on the same link that was earlier shared with them and continue to interact and engage with brands and their sales associates in real-time thereby retaining the shopping experience. 

For eg: Checkout how Zariin, a D2C Jewellery brand increased their customer engagement by 117% with Swirl, 70% of which came in the following days post the live video session is over. 


One of the biggest problems faced by consumer and retail businesses is to identify who is a more serious buyer and which ones are just interested in window shopping? In this fast-paced world, having access to a list of verified leads of customers who are genuinely interested to buy your product would be a game-changer as based on that information, one can decide how much time to allocate and accordingly put resources behind them to maximize sales conversions. This is exactly what swirl does, it offers a highly qualified pool of leads with full access to their names, and mobile numbers which are OTP verified along with detailed analytics and persona of each and every one of them. Further, it also assigns a conversion intent score using modern data science techniques and algorithms against each lead signaling and predicting the probability of how likely they are going to convert to a paying customer. 

For eg: BeChef ran a video ad campaign recently called “Gourmet ab GharMain” on social media and generated over 500+ qualified leads with over 1.7k+ Shop now clicks leading to a whopping 4.3X increase in Add to cart 


If servicing customers is on your priority list, consider empowering your store associates with Swirl to service customer inquiries through the website or social media or phone call by sending video catalogs on WhatsApp or SMS and tracking their engagements on a single dashboard. All consumer data points such as average time spent,  are shared in a simplified format on the dashboard empowering teams and associates such as sales staff, or influencers to service inquiries instantly from their mobile phones through text, chat, WhatsApp, SMS messaging, or voice call. One can share recommendations, special announcements, new offers, promotions, discounts, send UPI links, and even schedule in-store appointments. Further, they can also view the customer history, timeline of conversations with them, and follow up by making each interaction personal. 

For eg: Associates can share photos and videos from the app to help shoppers make more informed choices. Our client, PN Rao, a traditional men’s wear retailer with multiple in-house brands and 8+ high-end stores in South India, digitized their in-house catalogs by partnering with Swirl to reduce in-store sales dependency.


With Swirl, brands can now turn one-off shoppers into lifelong customers both online and in-store using our retargeting features within the app such as WhatsApp, SMS, and voice calls which are all automatically integrated into one single unified dashboard. It also significantly improves brand recall value which is a great way for businesses to occupy the mind-space of their target audience and expect repeat business in the future. 

Greenberry Organics, a digital-first beauty, skin, and hair care company, generated 500+ client leads leading to over 41% growth in sales conversions

Instore shopping – Use Swirl video links to convert them into a QR code where customers can scan and buy. Anita Kanwal Studios used the power of Swirl to reach out to 100+ leads with 3000+ video views and 25K+ in sales.

Interested to go ahead and give it a shot? Get in touch with us today to provide a highly engaging live video shopping experience to your customers.

SWIRL is a full funnel live commerce solution that helps marketers attract, engage and convert more customers. Enable your website or app with the power of shoppable content to increase AOV, boost conversions and retain customers. If you’re looking for a live commerce solution and want to discuss options, get in touch.

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