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How to use Live Shopping to inspire customer confidence

Date: June 25, 2021

Imagine a prospective buyer swiping through your brand’s website, clicking on the “Add to Cart’ button numerous times. Finally, after spending hours switching between picking her favorite looks and watching her favorite show online, she checks her cart. But now, doubts consume her. Will the clothes fit her properly? Is it worth it? So close, and yet the customer is lost. Globally, 76% of shopping carts are abandoned leading to trillions in lost sales.

Swirl - Online Video Shopping

This is just one example of the obstacles prospective customers face online. As the brand, you wish the customer could visit your store and speak to your sales superstar so your business has a better shot at success. This gap between the online and offline customer experience has only been widened by the safety measures taken to combat the spread of the devastating Coronavirus pandemic. While the problem predates the pandemic, the outbreak of COVID19 has strengthened the need for e-commerce live-streaming, making it less of a good-to-have option than it was earlier.

Live Video Shopping is the solution.

Using live video to better showcase the benefits and functionality of a product is not new. Back in the day, if you were watching television at night, you would surely come across home shopping channel hosts passionately pitching products to consumers who would call a toll-free number to register their interest. 

Live Video Shopping takes the same concept and modernizes it for this century. Chinese e-commerce players such as Taobao Live, JD.com, and Pinduoduo made the first move to merge mobile-first video watching consumption patterns with digital shopping. Global players such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon are all convinced about live shopping as well. 

Swirl - Online Video Shopping

In India, Tanishq, the jewelry division of Titan Company Ltd, has adopted video as a medium for reaching customers with demonstrable success. In 2020, Tanishq reported ₹100 crores from online sales alone in roughly 2 months. Technology providers like SWIRL also help your business start selling online quickly and easily. 

More importantly, it establishes a connection between you and your prospective buyer – it helps shoppers speak to brand ambassadors to understand if product catalogs match what they need. Shoppers can experience the product via your superstar salesperson and ask questions to clarify their doubts.

Swirl - Online Video Shopping

How does e-commerce live-streaming help brands develop a meaningful relationship with shoppers?

Here are some sure-shot ways to use live video to sell better:

  1. Don’t look fake. Remember – live video doesn’t need to be highly produced or costly. The best thing to do is to keep it real. Show us the product as it would normally be used or seen – taken out from a messy closet or on the factory belts is fine. As long as customers can relate, understand and get a feel for the product and judge whether they can benefit from it, bells and whistles are secondary. Lastly, not all products will serve all customers, so it’s okay to be honest about shortcomings. Your buyers will appreciate the authenticity.
  2. Rely on your strengths. That doesn’t mean you must scramble to onboard the most suitable Instagram influencers for your business live streams. In fact, customers are more likely to relate to someone who knows the product inside out more. If that’s your influencer, that’s a double bonanza! But it’s more likely that your people are the best option to explain the how, why and what of your products. 
  3. Test. Start small. See what works with your target buyers. Come up with an idea, test that idea, track and measure what succeeds and more importantly, what doesn’t. Brands can also get in touch with SWIRL to commence with a pilot run like Arvind Brands has done. 
  4. Re-use video content elsewhere. Live video streams can be recorded and re-used as sales tools on your website, product pages or social media handles. Since these are interactive sessions, conversations with clients (for example, frequently asked questions) can also be shared with requisite consent. Save time on your content marketing strategy! 
  5. Safety first. In case your city or country is under safety restrictions because of the global COVID19 pandemic, ensuring the safety of your employees and buyers should be top priority. Video helps with that. Everyone can stay home and stay safe without missing out on a rich shopping experience.
  6. Digitize the personal shopper experience. Live video shopping provides wider access to unique offline luxuries as well. With one-to-one shopping facilities available, your customers can set up personalized shopping sessions that cater to their specific needs. Speak to your buyer directly.
  7. Shop together from home. The best part of shopping trips to the mall is your friends! With one-to-many shopping features, your customers can be encouraged to bring friends to shopping streams so that they can discuss the product, get their queries clarified and buy together! 
  8. Identify intent. Know who really does want your goods and services. Use data to determine who your high-intent leads are. For instance, SWIRL’s platform helps you to identify who is more likely to convert to increase earnings.
  9. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Live video shopping only opens the doors to newer ways of selling online. Sometime back, Alibaba’s “See Now, Buy Now” live runway enabled viewers to shop the products they saw on the runway instantly. If you have a new idea, give it a shot and see if it works for your brand.

Live video streaming can help potential customers tune in to how your brand conceptualizes, manufactures, and delivers your product. It can help you tell your story better keeping hard-selling front and center. For a world increasingly engaged by video, this is the best way to know your customer, increase average order values and chase faster business growth! 

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