SWIRL announces Shopify Live Commerce Integration

Date: February 7, 2022

We’re excited to announce the launch of new features on the Swirl Live Shopping app. Our team has been working hard on a bouquet of tech integrations to improve our client offerings and customer experience, and we’re thrilled to launch with a bang, just in time for the new year! 

As a brand, we make a special effort to consistently upgrade our product to keep up with the evolving nature of the business and the new needs of our clients. Here’s the latest from the Swirl lab!

NEW Integration for Shopify Sellers

With the integration of Swirl video content for Shopify merchants, brands can now boost the shoppability of their products and engage with viewers more meaningfully. Sellers will remain in control of the customer experience by creating immersive content, notifying and sharing with viewers, and interacting with customers as needed. Customers can enjoy seamless checkout and payments, smooth syncing of products and orders, and real-time moderation and analytics on your Shopify store.

Video stories and live shopping events can mean a significant increase in your add-to-cart numbers, but they also reduce the purchase journey, increase customer engagement and brand recall, and can help with underperforming products. Livestream shopping offers lively two-way communication, immediate gratification, and a feeling of urgency, making it easy and appealing to complete impulse purchases. 

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For brands, this integration does not move any control away from you. All orders and payments will be conducted through your store. All inventory and product feeds will remain the same as before, and the process of integration itself has been made as simple as possible.

In addition, you gain access to valuable data and analytics that will help you better understand your customers, their browsing habits, their concerns, and the type of content that attracts them. You’ll also be able to track performance of your live video content, moderate chats and interactions, and build a database of engaged customers.   

  • White label URL: Provide a fully customized brand experience to your customers while improving the add-to-cart rate and shortening the purchase journey. 
  • Carousel-style shoppable videos on homepage and product page: Add dynamic carousels of content to retain the attention of browsing customers and improve the time spent on your site.
  • Floating widget on homepage and product page to show shoppable videos and livestreams: Add an easy-to-understand notification on your website to notify customers of your video content.
  • PIP Video: See below for details
  • Dedicated page for live show with RSVP and calendar invitation: Create an event-like experience for customers with invitations, RSVPs, and calendar notifications. 
  • Live show reminders: Make sure nobody misses a live event by setting up reminders to be sent to their registration email ID.
  • UTM parameter integration: Gain a deeper insight into your customers’ online behavior.
  • Facebook/Google pixel integration: Place a trackable pixel in your content to help provide analytics.
  • Seamless integrations between Shopify website and Swirl mobile apps: Enjoy the convenience of using fully integrated apps to create, modify and share live videos and shoppable content across your website.
  • Customized video player with brand logo and colors: Improve brand recall and maintain consistency with your own branding across videos.

NEW with Shopify: Picture-in-Picture Video

The Shopify integration provides a sophisticated experience in which customers can watch videos while navigating through your site. Your customers are comfortable using the Shopify carousel to browse products, but with Swirl Live Shopping, you can turn your static carousel into a more compelling video reel for your products.

Read our guide on how to make compelling livestream content.

When a viewer clicks on a video, it will play in a minimized window, no matter which page the customer goes to. The video will continue playing until checkout or until closed by the customer.

As customers browse through live shopping videos of your products, they can click on the products that they want to know more about and watch the video without missing out on the experience of the rest of your website. 

How to integrate Shopify and Swirl

The Swirl app is easy to integrate with Shopify stores, even without any technical know-how. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Search for the Swirl app in the Apps section of the Shopify Merchant store and install it.
  2. Follow instructions to integrate with your store.
  3. Choose your own settings and customizations for adding videos in the carousel.

As a merchant, you can add up to 6 videos in the carousel playlist. The settings also offer auto-play, mute sound, show Shopify status and ‘Powered by’ tag, amongst others. There is also a JavaScript code snippet for non-Shopify websites.

NEW Moderator Account on Swirl Live Shopping App

With the moderator account, you now have a greater level of control on interactions with customers. Brands will be able to use their iOS or Android Swirl app to create Swirls (short bytes of engaging, shoppable video content), as well as add a moderator to perform the following tasks:

  • Highlight products on screen in Live Show: Draw customers attention to the product you want to showcase and ensure that even with multiple products on-screen, the viewer always knows what the host is referring to.
  • Add/remove products in real-time: Keep your product list updated with ease and provide accurate information to customers.
  • Pin Message: Keep important messages pinned in a prominent spot when required, so that all viewers can see it.
  • Block User, Delete Comment: Ensure that the quality and tone of brand chats are maintained and prevent users from causing friction or hurt to other viewers.
  • Reply to Live Chat, Reply to Ask Question, Show Me Requests: Keep up with live conversations and respond in real time to customers.
  • Reply to Audio Messages: Accept and respond to audio messages.
  • Download Chat Log: Keep records of customer chats for easy access at a later point.

See how easy it is to create a storefront for your brand on the Swirl Live Shopping app.

With these new features, we are looking forward to a year of exciting new conversations and record-breaking numbers with our clients!

SWIRL is a full funnel live commerce solution that helps marketers attract, engage and convert more customers. Enable your website or app with the power of shoppable content to increase AOV, boost conversions and retain customers. If you’re looking for a live commerce solution and want to discuss options, get in touch.

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