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Swirl Launches Live Video Shopping self-serve platform for DTC, eCommerce and Retail brands

Date : May 19, 2021

Live Commerce Mobile SaaS provider GetNatty today announced the decision to rebrand to Swirl, and introduce Enhanced Live Video Shopping Experiences to the Indian market that is directed towards improving the customer engagement & sales conversions for DTC, eCommerce, and Retail brands by inspiring consumers with more confidence to buy online as they do in-store. 

This is especially more relevant now than ever as customer adoption of video shopping during the pandemic has skyrocketed and both SMB’s and large business houses like the TATA’s are starting to take notice. Take Tanishq for example, who recently sold over INR 100 Crore ($13.5M) worth of Jewellery through WhatsApp video calling in just 2 months. Several other retail brands such as Kalyan, Crocs, Pothys, etc are now following suit. Global eCommerce tech companies like Etsy saw a 2X jump in GMS from $5B+ to 10B+ after adding video as a feature while Shopify has begun listing live shopping apps on its marketplace. 

The Founders of Swirl, Kaizad Hansotia (CEO), and Bheshaj Joshi (COO) believe that with Lockdown or no lockdown, consumers today are going to find alternatives to interact and shop from their favorite brands. “Just like how we saw traditional and modern retail co-exist, similarly we will see Live Commerce becoming the next new normal and the fastest-growing subset of eCommerce, with the imminent 5G rollout further accelerating this trend”, said Kaizad. “Clearly video shopping is a sustainable trend and not just a pandemic fad so businesses in the future, both small and big will slowly realize the futility of paying millions in rents or other real estate expenses when the customers expect the same experience digitally” added Bheshaj. 

Livestream shopping first originated in China that now has over 524M+ live streamers while the west is now playing catchup with Amazon, Google, Instagram, and Youtube testing their own version of shoppertainment. Globally, several private equity investors such as Tenth Avenue Holdings, Real ventures, Andressen Horowitz, Sequoia, etc have also started to make bets in companies like Bambuser ($122M+), and Livescale ($5M+) as Live Video Commerce becomes more mainstream. Swirl estimates the Video commerce market in India to reach US$35B+ growing at 24% CAGR

Swirl’s USP is that it is not just limited to a one-to-many & one-to-one immersive shoppable video streaming, but is also a marketing tech solution to retarget engaged shoppers that are more likely to convert. This shortens purchase journeys by bridging the online-offline gap. It uses state-of-the-art technology infrastructure that is infinitely scalable, and adds a proprietary Interactive layer on top of the video, using Text, Chat, WhatsApp, SMS, & Voice to make the entire experience as close to in-real-life as possible. All the interaction data points are shared back with the brands in the form of real-time analytics on their dashboard to monitor performance. Plus, swirl can be easily integrated with Shopify / WooCommerce or any tech-stack with zero code. Here’s a quick demo 

More than 100+ fast-growing brands in India such as PN Rao, Zariin, BeChef, Humblebee, and AltoVida trust Swirl. As more businesses look to connect virtually with their customers who are stuck at home and glued to their mobile phones, Live Video shopping is quickly emerging to be another significant arm of retail besides traditional brick-n-mortar and eCommerce.

SWIRL is a full funnel live commerce solution that helps marketers attract, engage and convert more customers. Enable your website or app with the power of shoppable content to increase AOV, boost conversions and retain customers. If you’re looking for a live commerce solution and want to discuss options, get in touch.

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