Korean-owned brand Limese partnered with Swirl for a series of strategic livestream events.

Date: March 15, 2022

A made-in-India platform, built by a Korean expat, providing a carefully curated range of K-beauty products to the Indian consumer – the Limese Connect brief promised to be an exciting challenge for the Swirl team.

The brand 

Limese offers a unique value proposition to the customer: genuine Korean skincare and beauty products from the top brands, provided at competitive rates, without the hassle of shipping and the expense of customs. Limese caters to salons, spas, health and wellness stores, and skincare clinics, supplying Korean beauty products to Indian clients.

Limese Connect was founded by Dale Deugcheon Han, a Korean expat who moved to India in 2010 to study in ISB, Hyderabad. During his time here, he became aware of the growing demand for skincare products in India and noticed the proliferation of some Korean brands in the Indian market. 

Han believes that the youth demographic, with its exposure to international brands and trends, appreciates the high quality that Korean skincare brands are famous for. This discernment, along with the rising purchasing power of the middle-class, are big factors in the popularity of K-beauty brands in India. 

The challenge

Limese recently added B2C retail to its business model and was looking to increase awareness and interaction with fans of Korean beauty and skincare products. The brand partnered with Swirl on a series of strategic livestream events to position itself as a skincare expert whom beauty buffs could engage with.

The strategy

The sessions were planned to achieve multiple goals of improving brand recall and demonstrating the product range. 

For this, two different strategies were developed: 

  • A series of events to demonstrate multiple products from the site and showcase the range of offerings available
  • A special series of live sessions in the form of tutorials and Q&As for the launch of Beplain – a new brand on the Limese site

For the Beplain launch, Limese provided two hosts for each session. While the main host conducted demonstrations, the second host ensured all questions were answered and all customers received timely and accurate responses.

Promotion and marketing strategies

To promote the sessions and engage the existing followers, Limese released a series of posts on their social media pages. These posts ensured that the ROI on the livestream events was boosted, because the brand did not have to spend on acquiring new customers and followers prior to the event. 

In addition, Limese also conducted a series of engagements on social media about the upcoming launch of Beplain, generating buzz around the event that led to more viewers tuning in for the livestream sessions.

The results

Here are some of the results generated by the Swirl-Limese team collaboration:

  • Over 1280 viewers tuned in for the live sessions
  • The Add-to-Cart rate was increased by 15%
  • The monthly ROI went up by $1696.41 (est.)
  • The annual ROI went up by $20356.89 (est.)

Limese was very impressed with the results of their first live streaming collaboration with Swirl. The sessions allowed the brand to convert followers into shoppers, and considerably reduce the purchase journey. The results spoke for themselves and boosted the brand’s awareness and word-of-mouth to a large extent. 

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