Stylenook partnered with SWIRL to curate a stylist-led Livestream Shopping experience

Date: March 31, 2022

When StyleNook and Swirl began discussing a collaboration, the discussions grew very detailed. The founders of StyleNook are both from retail tech backgrounds and keenly understand the power of technology to boost audience engagement and revenue. Read on to see how explosive the results of these discussions were. 

The brand

Stylenook is a custom styling brand started in 2016 by founders Kuntal Malia and Arti Gupta. The brand offers a hyper-personalized service of personal styling, fashion recommendations, and curated products, powered by complex AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms and expert human stylists.  

Stylenook is a paid service for which subscribers are requested to fill in an extensive questionnaire, in which size, shape, age, and personal style, budget, and lifestyle preferences are gathered. Based on this data, a list of suggested outfit options is generated and curated by a personal stylist. The final list of products is sent to the customer who can choose, try, and buy outfits. 

The brand has created a strong customer connect that is demonstrated by the number of return customers and a robust word-of-mouth virality. This has also put the brand in a position of power in terms of working directly with fashion brands to offer recommendations on new products or design, based on data and trends from real customers.

The challenge

Despite having an active and satisfied clientele list and a large, engaged social media following, StyleNook faces some challenges as it expands. It is hard for potential customers to discover and explore the brand for the following reasons: 

  • No physical presence: The brand does not have a retail store or location. 
  • Gateway to sales: All customers must pay for the recommendation service and then choose to buy select products from a private list. 

Because of this, the brand discovery is limited and customers cannot try the brand before committing to a paid service. 

The founders decided to partner with Swirl to conduct live sessions that would showcase the brand expertise and demonstrate to potential customers how easy and helpful it would be to try out the service. 

The strategy

StyleNook took a bold approach and planned 15 livestream sessions that would be memorable and interactive. For their live events, they made a carefully planned strategy that included the following moves: 

  • Turn your team members into influencers

The brand chose their most popular stylists to host the sessions. These stylists have followings of their own, in addition to many satisfied customers and even celebrity clients. They are engaged and responsive on camera and have a friendly, approachable vibe that would make first-time customers feel comfortable. 

  • Maximize your existing audience 

The Swirl team had just launched a brand-new simulcast feature that was very exciting for the StyleNook team. The simulcast feature is ideal for brands with a large social media following because it allows for optimization of existing audiences, instead of spending to acquire new viewers. After extensive discussions and planning, the brand decided to use the simulcast feature for their live sessions and went live on Instagram as well as on Swirl’s custom link. 

  • Provide real time guidance at all steps 

Even though this was the first time for StyleNook’s livestream experiment, the founders were adamant on providing a superior, enjoyable experience for the viewers. While a primary host conducted the sessions, a second host was assigned to monitoring interactions and directing customers to the right landing pages or products. For every interaction, customers received immediate responses and accurate directions to buy or find out more. 

Promotion and marketing strategies

StyleNook planned an extensive media blitz in the days before the livestream events began. Banners and posters were shared across their social media channels to inform customers about the event, creating engagement and buzz of their own. By bringing the conversation to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, the brand gained a new level of traction in the eyes of followers. 

In addition, the brand leverages their existing database by sending out emailers, WhatsApp messages, and calendar invites to customers who already have a connection with the brand. This ensured that the sessions would be well-attended, reducing ROI and increasing value for the customer and for StyleNook. 

The results

StyleNook is the perfect example of how to plan and promote your livestream events for maximum impact and explosive results. 

The 15 live events garnered over 1500+ viewers and increased Add-to-Cart rates by as much as 25%. This in turn contributed to an increase of INR 2,20,500 in monthly ROI and an increase of INR 26,46,000 in annual ROI. 

By simulcasting across social media and on custom Swirl links, StyleNook was able to activate both the existing audience and new viewers, turning them into potential customers. This drew new users to the website which allowed StyleNook to capture relevant first-party data to be added to their database. 

And lastly, being able to see the faces behind the brand builds trust and deeper, more meaningful engagement. 

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