Swirl Launches new simulcasting feature to livestream on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

Date: February 22, 2022

We’re proud to announce that the Swirl Live Shopping app now offers a simulcast capability to clients. This feature allows brands to optimize their social media following by sharing live streams simultaneously across Instagram, Meta (Facebook) Live, and YouTube.

Livestream shopping is the ecommerce trend of the future, and an inherently social way of communicating with customers and promoting deeper engagement. Viewers report increased trust and greater brand recall for brands that use livestream commerce as a sales mechanism. By simulcasting your livestreams, you can offer more meaningful interactions to your followers in a way that they will appreciate. 

NEW Simulcast for social media

With Swirl’s new simulcast feature, brands can now take advantage of the many benefits of live streaming and social media, as well as being present on relevant platforms and creating content that appeals to today’s customer.

Here are some of the most important ways in which Swirl simulcast has a direct impact on your brand: 

  • Increased ROI on social media acquisition spends
  • Deeper engagement with social media following
  • Uses owned platform for ecommerce instead of giving up control to e-commerce giants
  • Optimize livestream content by repurposing video content

Now simulcasting on Instagram for the first time! 

Until now, Instagram has not offered simulcasting from external sources due to its closed settings. This has proven to be a challenge for brands with a large and engaged Instagram following, as they have not been able to tap into the customer base that resides there. 

However, with Swirl’s revolutionary ‘secret sauce’, our clients will now be able to simulcast their livestream across YouTube, Facebook Live and Instagram. Viewers receive a notification about the simulcast and can log on to their preferred platforms to view it. For viewers who want to shop, ask questions, or engage with the brand, there are simple directions to do so. Brands can add messages inside the livestream or as a link in bio, leading interested viewers away from social media and to the brand-owned website or Shopify home page. 

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One of the challenges of casting on Instagram is the short lifespan of content. The addictive infinite scroll means that your live stream is quickly replaced by a different brand. However, with Swirl’s simulcast feature, your livestream can be shared on Stories or Reels, which sends notifications to the top of the feed.

Using Swirl simulcasting for better sales and more control

With a livestream that is simulcast across all your brand platforms, you can expect more enquiries and more interactions simply because you’re reaching out to a wider audience. This article by McKinsey states that live commerce telescopes the customer decision journey by moving quickly from awareness to purchase. Swirl’s simulcast feature allows you to tap into your existing social media following.


But apart from increasing customer interactions, Swirl’s plugins for Shopify or WooCommerce also allow you to direct potential buyers to your owned ecommerce pages. This allows you to collect data, extract meaningful analytics, and tweak your communication and sales strategies to improve sales. 

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Extracting value from all your channels with simulcasting

For any brand – whether you’re a bootstrapped start-up, an angel-funded small business, or a large omnichannel brand – one of the top priorities is to maximize results and reduce costs. Here’s how Swirl’s simulcast feature helps. 

As a brand, you are already spending on acquiring social media followers, engaging with them regularly, creating livestream content, and modeling data to gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior. Apart from directly investing in media spends, you’re also investing resources in managing these functions. How can you repurpose or reuse what you’ve already built to get better results?

With Swirl simulcasting, you can: 

  • Reach out to your existing database without needing to spend more
  • Provide fresh new content that is engaging and relevant
  • Direct interested customers to your own ecommerce channels 
  • Take advantage of the easy Like and Share functions on social media to gain new organic followers 
  • Turn one-time livestream content into a reusable asset that pays rich dividends long after it has been taken live 

Innovation is one of the core pillars of our business, and we work hard to make sure we can keep up with the evolving needs and priorities of our clients. As a brand with a D2C background, we also understand the importance of making the most of every penny that is spent. Our new simulcast feature is aimed at helping brands maximize the investment they have already made in social media, while offering them the ability to tap into the popularity of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

SWIRL is a full funnel live commerce solution that helps marketers attract, engage and convert more customers. Enable your website or app with the power of shoppable content to increase AOV, boost conversions and retain customers. If you’re looking for a live commerce solution and want to discuss options, get in touch.

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