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Swirl Startup Program to Offer Free Live Credits up to INR 25k to DTC startups

Date: July 21, 2021

Mumbai, July 21, 2021 – In addition to working with established brands to enable seamless video eCommerce, Swirl Live Shopping now brings its expertise to the startup world. 

With the Swirl Startup Program, new businesses can access a range of services to provide live ecommerce to customers and will receive complimentary Credits worth INR 25,000 or USD 499 on sign-up. 

Who can apply? 

This Swirl Startup Program is available to independent, early-stage entrepreneurs building DTC brands in the fields of fashion, beauty & personal care, retail, lifestyle, F&B, health & wellness, electronics and other verticals, whether bootstrapped or funded.

The program is also open to venture capital funds, venture accelerators, and angel funds with portfolio companies having a sectoral focus on consumer brands. It offers a chance to leverage Swirl’s video commerce solution to enhance customer engagement and boost sales conversions. 

Swirl Live Video Shopping has already proven successful for brands of all sizes with a range of business models, including those with a largely offline presence, an omnichannel model, or digital-first brands. 

How will it help? 

The Swirl Startup Program will not only provide a superior video shopping platform through which startups can scale and grow their brands but also deliver Live credits upto INR 25,000 or $499 to entrepreneurs to combat the huge costs associated with scaling up, as young brands may not be able to afford investing in video shopping technology or infrastructure. 

In the modern digital world, startups must find new and relevant ways to engage with customers and build diverse sales funnels. Swirl Live Shopping enables customers to communicate directly with brands, to ask questions, send voice messages, live chat, request product details, connect with a sales associate for one-to-one chat, or buy now to shop online through the videos. 

Incubators, venture funds or accelerators will appreciate the significant savings Swirl can offer to their portfolio companies. By providing a ready-to-use tech solution, fledgling companies need not invest in video streaming hosting, analytics, audio, video, and text based communications, or live shopping and can simply deploy a world-class tech platform to perform these tasks instantly. 

To know more about Swirl startups program, visit  https://www.goswirl.live/swirl-startups/

About Swirl Live Shopping

Swirl is a new-age SaaS platform that provides video-first ecommerce and Live Shopping solutions to companies to boost sales and increase customer engagement. 

With Swirl’s technology, brands can create byte-sized videos and livestream shopping sessions, and engage with customers directly. The brand also receives trackable, actionable data that can be used to predict trends, understand customer requirements and address frequently asked questions, and build a database of shoppers for itself.

Companies like P N Rao, Zariin Jewellery, Unlimited by Arvind, BeChef, ITC Fabelle, and many more have seen a significant increase of 57% customer engagement and 34% sale conversions. 

Ankur Badonia, Brand Manager at ITC Fabelle concurs in his recent statement, “Clearly video shopping is not just a pandemic fad but a trend that is here to stay. As Live Commerce becomes more mainstream, we are committed to offering our patrons a highly personalized and curated virtual shopping experience that is unlike anyone else.”

Started by co-founders with deep knowledge and extensive experience in both start-up and business verticals, Swirl Live Shopping displays a unique understanding of the challenges faced by retail brand owners. The Swirl platform is an easy-to-use, scalable solution that does not require specialized technical knowledge to provide an immersive virtual shopping solution. 

About the Company

Swirl Live Shopping enables brands to add the power of interactive, shoppable videos to their online business and engage with customers across digital platforms. It does not require mobile app downloads or specialized tech knowledge for either the brand or the customer. To know more, visit https://www.goswirl.live/ or write to (brands-at-goswirl-dot-live) for a demo.

SWIRL is a full funnel live commerce solution that helps marketers attract, engage and convert more customers. Enable your website or app with the power of shoppable content to increase AOV, boost conversions and retain customers. If you’re looking for a live commerce solution and want to discuss options, get in touch.

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