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Live commerce
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Four easy steps and you’re all set to kickstart live selling:
How it works
1. Sign up with us

Reach out for a free demo to get all your questions about live selling answered and choose the plan that works best for you. When you subscribe to Swirl, you’ll get access to all available features based on your plan. Our exceptionally helpful tech team will get you started on your live commerce journey with us.

2. Easily integrate with brand assets

Swirl works with Shopify, WooCommerce and all other major platforms. It only takes a couple of seconds to integrate with embedding code and get started. Whether you’re using livestreaming, shoppable videos, or one-to-one shopping, you’ll get all the support you need to create catchy video or learn how to repurpose existing content to create a winning live commerce strategy.

3. Go live

Deploy a suite of products to offer broadcast live selling videos, concierge-style shopping, or create eyeball-grabbing short videos.

4. Make data-driven decisions

Get in-depth analytics, view customer history, capture leads, see first-party data, retarget interested buyers, and predict trends with precision. With access to data like this, you’ll be able to plan powerful strategies and make the right decisions for your brand.

How Swirl video E-commerce platform works
Transform your marketing strategy with Swirl’s next gen features.
A powerful self-serve product with deep growth analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more customers.
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Future-ready tech
Boost discovery and hold attention while building deeper connections with customers.
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Native experience
Showcase products and create immersive experiences that spur viewers into taking action.
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Data security
Turn viewers into buyers with seamless Add-to-Cart and checkout features.
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Deep analytics
Engagement metrics, trend prediction, and purchase history.
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First-party data and attribution
Brand-owned data, qualified lead capture, retargeting.
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Professional quality video
RTMP, external camera and OBS software for a studio-like feel.

Customer Engagement with Live Video Shopping
Why your customers will love Swirl

Your customers are your first priority, and that’s exactly how it should be. We’ve designed Swirl to be an effortless way for customers to access and watch your shoppable videos, interact and ask questions with your hosts, and most importantly, buy easily. We’ve built in multiple ways for brands to create short, quick shopping journeys that smoothly turn viewers into buyers.

Your customers will also love the following benefits:

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Single-click viewing
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High quality, fast-loading videos
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Authentic conversations with brand
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Uninterrupted in-video purchase
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Hyper-engaging interactive features tools
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Curated catalogues, custom product lists, and guided journeys
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Concierge-style shopping
Product Demonstration on Live Video Commerce
Why brands love Swirl

When you try live commerce with us, you’ll find that adding shoppable video to your marketing and sales strategy is seamless and easy. Our software enables you to create and share immersive live selling videos with your customers, control and simplify the customer journey, track metrics, and plan more effective ways to showcase your products.

Our clients love the following features:

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Best in global class technology
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No-to low-tech integration
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Comprehensive onboarding support
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100% native brand experience
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Customized to your brand needs
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Dedicated customer success team
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Business intelligence tools
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Less than one second load time
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Infinite auto-scalability
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