Make Ecommerce

More Human

Use interactive videos to power your businesses with real-time virtual shopping & bridge the gap between the online-offline buying experience.

Go Live, Sell More

Add that personal touch to online shopping and turn a one-time shopper into a lifelong customer.

Set Up Virtual Storefront

Stream live shopping sessions and add byte-sized short videos to your eCommerce website/app and engage with consumers directly. Keep customers’ attention with a fully captivating online shopping experience.

Sign-up hassle-free

Re-create the in-store experience for your customers

Connect your customers with in-store or brand associates instantly


Create and Share Shoppable Videos

With the power of interactive, shoppable videos, bring your products to life. Connect with your customers, wherever they are — and increase their lifetime value.

One-to-many Live Video Shopping
showcase your products live and get more people interested

One-to-one Live Video for personalised shopping
between one customer and your brand or sales associate

Short Form Video Stories
short form shoppable videos to tell your product story, and more

Assist Shoppers in Buying Journey

Our technology allows the end consumers to interact with the brand associates directly while watching the video which helps shorten the purchase journey. Our shoppable videos and live streams come with built-in CTA’s such as:

Ask questions

Send voice messages

Live chat 

Show me product details

Request price

Add product to cart and checkout


Track Real-time Customer Analytics

Simply plug Swirl into your website or app to accelerate your sales. Get access to real-time engagement analytics, video analytics, predictive sales, and customer data points with their verified mobile number right from the dashboard to help you optimize your success.

Keep track of every customer and their history

Analyze reports & make smart decisions

Predict conversion and sales probability

Retarget Audience from Dashboard

Build lasting relationships and keep customers coming back long after they leave your store. Retarget your audience via text, email, and voice call directly from the dashboard — to convert more customers.

Make every interaction unique

Schedule follow up

Provide an end-to-end shopping experience


Achieve more with Swirl’s Live SaaS Commerce Technology


Higher Engagement


Growth in Sales


Less Returns



On a Mission to Revolutionize Customer Shopping Experience