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A new age

Live Commerce SaaS

Get Complimentary Live credits up to INR 25k ($499)

Online Live Shopping

Business Problem

Customers today do not have the same confidence to buy online, as they do in-store. This is largely due to:

Low attention span

Lack of time

Instant Gratification

Globally over 76% of carts are abandoned due to low customer confidence leading to over $2 trillion+ in lost sales.


Swirl is a Live Commerce SaaS that uses Interactive videos to power businesses with real-time virtual shopping enabling them to engage, convert and retain more customers. 

Our technology helps businesses to create:

Build Customer Confidence in your brand

Byte-sized short videos

Livestream shopping sessions


Our technology helps businesses to create byte-sized short videos and Livestream shopping sessions with built-in CTA’s that allows the end consumers to

Ask questions

Send voice messages

Live chat

Request Product Details

Request a video call

Do Live Video Shopping

who can apply

This Swirl Startup Program is available to independent, early-stage entrepreneurs building DTC brands in the fields of fashion, beauty & personal care, retail, lifestyle, F&B, health & wellness, electronics and other verticals, whether bootstrapped or funded.

The program is also open to venture capital funds, venture accelerators, and angel funds with portfolio companies having a sectoral focus on consumer brands.

How will it help?

The Swirl Startup Program is similar to Twilio for Startups, Amazon’s Activate Program. Not only will it provide a superior video shopping platform through which startups can scale and grow their brands but also deliver cloud credits up to INR 25,000 or $499 to entrepreneurs to combat the huge costs associated with scaling up, as young brands may not be able to afford to invest in technology or infrastructure.

Your questions, answered

If you are a D2C or Retail brand looking to build and scale your business, then you are more than ready.

It usually takes 4-5 working days for your credits to get approved after you have filled and submitted all the relevant details as asked for by our team

Yes you are, absolutely.

Depending on the stage of your business, and upon internal approvals, by our team, you shall receive credits anywhere between INR 5k - 25k (USD 99 - 499)

 Get in touch with us today. Write to us at brands-at-goswirl-dot-live

Yes we do. Reach out to us and we will assist you in your rapid scale up and growth journey