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We are on a mission to make e-commerce less boring and more human by bringing the real-life shopping experience online.

Swirl is the premier live shopping mobile SaaS to engage, convert and retain more customers. It uses video as a backbone to power real-time virtual shopping – helping brands build authentic customer engagements by bridging the online-offline gap.

Our product improves the probability of sales conversions by turbocharging the pre-purchase journey of both new and existing customers using cloud-based interactive video commerce and live shopping software.

We are trusted by over 100+ formidable brands from Retail, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, F&B, and many more. We are headquartered in the charming and bustling city of Vadodara.

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The future is incomplete without its past.

We had our humble beginnings in 2016 when we first launched GetNatty – A Premium designer fashion marketplace and since then our business grew quickly to 10+ cities serving more than 300+ brands nationwide. But 2020 had different plans for us, and we decided to temporarily pause, reflect and then use adversity as an opportunity to come back stronger by making a pivot from GetNatty to Swirl.

Did you know that video is all set to become 82% of the internet traffic by 2022? with India already recording a 4.3X growth last year. Will the global rollout of 5G, live streaming will surely become a default in all industries from education, to media to retail and eCommerce. We have already seen this happening in china where live commerce is already at 200+ USD GMV with over 524M+ online streamers and is growing at over 30% CAGR.

With a deep understanding of the hyperlocal Indian market and understand the purchase journey of the end consumer as well as working very closely over the last 5 years with hundreds of SMB’s in retail and eCommerce, Our team can clearly see the digitization tailwinds in the industry post-covid, and with better data connectivity post 5G roll out in India, & more consumers switching to experiential ways to shop online led by content-community-social needs, it is just a matter of time that live commerce becomes the new normal in retail and goes down in the history books as the next logical evolution to traditional eCommerce.

Our vision is to empower businesses globally with cost-efficient experiential technology for accelerating their sales growth and extending its benefits to the masses.
As customers evolve and competition increases, brands will vie with each other for the attention of buyers. Live commerce is one of the rare solutions that combines novelty, urgency, and seamless ease, and will become a must-have for brands.
We aim to be amongst the top 3 options globally for brands to choose from when they think about live shopping.
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