Livestream Shopping

Point. Shoot. Inspire.
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Native experience
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Easy integration
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Authentic engagement
Live video shopping with CTA
Immersive video shopping for a mobile-first gen
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Floating video
Undisturbed viewing with picture-in-picture video.
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Curated playlist
Create carousel or grid format playlists and embed them in your website.
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Product studio-quality livestreams with RTMP, external camera set-up, and OBS integration
Broadcast ‘shoppertainment’ so hypnotic, viewers won’t be able to look away.
A fully native experience
Build brand-specific conversion workflows:
from discovery to engagement to purchase.
Engaging live stream
Easy in-video checkout
Customers interact and shop without leaving video.
In video Checkout Feature
Simulcast on social media
Go live across Instagram, Facebook (Meta), YouTube, or any web platform.
Go live on all social media simultaneously
Analytics and business intelligence
Get detailed insights, attribution, consumer persona, and trend prediction.
Advance Live Stream Analytics
Digital clienteling
Capture leads and retarget buyers with high intent through text, voice message, and chat.
Capture Leads for Retargeting
Case studies
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A retail outlet in the buzzing heart of Helsinki, Finland, improved customer relationships and conversions over just two months with One-to-Many live vide shopping.
Higher conversions
Average watch time
Increased engagement
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Kamppi brand revenue after using swirl
Questions? Answers.
I’m not sure if my customers want a live commerce option.

As we move towards Web 3.0 and the metaverse, ecommerce as we know it is changing. If you’re already seeing higher acquisition costs, lower retention, and low website traffic, it is a sign that your customers want more.

Globally, $2 trillion is lost in sales opportunities because of low conversion rates. Over 55% of global traffic show high bounce rates, with less than 15 seconds spent on websites.

With SWIRL’s livestream shopping solutions, your brand won’t have to bear the brunt of rising costs and dipping profits.

What are the benefits of adding livestream video selling to my website?

Each of our products have different use cases, and one may suit your brand requirements more than the others. If you’re interested in live commerce but not sure which to choose, book a demo and have a chat with our team.

How does live shopping work, exactly?

Yes, we offer a free trial that allows you to experiment with a few features and share your first live commerce video with a limited list of friends. Book a demo above to chat with us and ask for a free trial.

Is there any way to track how my live events are performing?

You don’t need to hire influencers to host your livestreams. Research shows that customers are more likely to trust brand experts or members of sales teams for live shopping. Just make sure your host is knowledgeable, can answer questions and is comfortable in front of the camera.

Our demo only takes 15 minutes and you can book it at any time that works for you.
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