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Executing your live commerce strategy is easy with Swirl. What do you get when you sign up with us? The most compelling way to grab attention and increase sales
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No- to low-tech integration: Just copy-paste a few lines of code and get started with live video selling.
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Comprehensive onboarding support: Take advantage of Swirl’s round-the-clock support and execute seamless live events with tech team standby.
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100% native brand experience: Immersive live events that improve brand recall and reflect your brand identity.
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In-depth analytics: Track performance, measure growth, and make data-backed decisions with valuable information.
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First-party data: Build your own database with qualified lead capture and extensive retargeting options, so you never have to rely on third-party data again.
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We partnered with L'Oréal where O+O was integrated with OOH, to telecast our live show on a billboard. This could not have been possible without SWIRL® and their entire team for seamless LIVE integration between all platforms. 
Maira Rehan Khan
Live Streaming and Campaign Manager BaGallery, Pakistan 
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Frequently Asked Questions
How hard is it to integrate SWIRL onto my website?

Integrating SWIRL onto your website only requires a short copy-paste of a code. Our team will help you do this when you’re ready, so you don’t need any special technical integration.

What if my brand can’t afford influencers?

You don’t need to hire influencers to host your livestreams. Research shows that customers are more likely to trust brand experts or members of sales teams for live shopping. Just make sure your host is knowledgeable, can answer questions and is comfortable in front of the camera.

One to Many, Shoppable Video, and One to One – How should I choose which product will work for me?

Each of our products have different use cases, and one may suit your brand requirements more than the others. If you’re interested in live commerce but not sure which to choose, book a demo and have a chat with our team.

Can I try it out before subscribing?

Yes, we offer a free trial that allows you to experiment with a few features and share your first live commerce video with a limited list of friends. Book a demo above to chat with us and ask for a free trial.

What if I don’t have any video content?

You can still start off with Shoppable Videos, by repurposing your social media videos with an ecommerce layer. These videos will be added as a carousel on your website and can significantly improve time spent as well as bring in new sales.

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