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+  34% higher conversions
+  7x customer engagement
+  16+ mins average watch time
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Short Shoppable Videos with CTA
Shoppable UGC Reviews
Turn your customers into your best advocates with shoppable UGC videos!
  • Transform static reviews into engaging video content building trust and authenticity 
  • Easily manage video reviews within your existing ecosystem, integrating seamlessly with tools like BazaarVoice and Power Reviews.
  • Create custom playlists & choose where video reviews appear – product pages, homepages, etc
Live Product Review Video
Livestream Shopping
One host, thousands of viewers, and the most hypnotic way to create awareness and intent.
  • Build authentic connection
  • Offer IRL experiences
  • Enable informed purchases
Short Shoppable Videos with CTA
Shoppable Videos
Snackable, short-form video content to fuel consideration and intent.
  • Instantly convert Instagram Reels and TikTok videos to shoppable assets.
  • Increase attention span with a watch and buy experience
  • Inspire trust and confidence
One to One Personal Shopping Experience
One-to-One Personal Shopping
Offer a customized video shopping experience to help buyers move from evaluation to purchase.
  • Build a phygital, consultative strategy
  • High touch experience for high-value customers
  • Guided shopping journeys
See how our video commerce suite powers every stage of the funnel.
An industry-leading solution to bring the magic of the human touch to both online and omnichannel commerce.
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Boost discovery and hold attention while building deeper connections with customers.
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Showcase products and create immersive experiences that spur viewers into taking action.
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Turn viewers into buyers with seamless Add-to-Cart and checkout features.
The power of live commerce
A complete product suite to help you achieve more
Increase in conversions
Lower customer acquisition cost
Increase in ROI
What differentiates Swirl?
Unique features and benefits to help you level up in the new world of live commerce
Ease of implementation
  • Use our no code/low code integration to get started
  • Create your microsite and go live in minutes
  • No more waiting for tech team approvals
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Easy Implementation with Swirl
Excellent Customer Support
Best in global class customer support
  • Onboarding handholding and integration assistance
  • Tech team standby during live events
  • Post-event reporting
Industry-specific customizations and workflows
  • Select conversion goals: Leads, engagement, or purchase
  • Choose your CTA Enquire now, Chat now, or Buy now
  • Create a personalized customer journey
Industry-specific customizations
Transform your marketing strategy with Swirl’s next gen features.
A powerful self-serve product with deep growth analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more customers.
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Future-ready tech
Boost discovery and hold attention while building deeper connections with customers.
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Native experience
Showcase products and create immersive experiences that spur viewers into taking action.
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Data security
Turn viewers into buyers with seamless Add-to-Cart and checkout features.
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Deep analytics
Engagement metrics, trend prediction, and purchase history.
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First-party data and attribution
Brand-owned data, qualified lead capture, retargeting.
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Professional quality video
RTMP, external camera and OBS software for a studio-like feel.

Partner Testimonials
We used Swirl’s Shoppable Videos feature, and got an average of 2,50,000 views with 5,00,000 mins spent by viewers, and more than 7000 Buy Now clicks. Thrilled with the results!
Sandip Agarwal
VP, Tech at Traya Health India
We used Swirl’s livestream shopping to boost our festive season campaigns, and revamped our website with carousels of Shoppable Videos made from social reels. People spend more time on our website now and even first-time customers are more confident to make a purchase.
Aniha Modi
Creative Director at Shop Mulmul
As a home+lifestyle brand, we used Swirl’s strategy of turning our social videos into revenue earners by converting them to Shoppable Videos. We’ve seen a tremendous rise in website visitors converting to customers. Really happy with this!
Manya Modi
Brand and Marcomm Lead at Spread Home
We partnered with L'Oréal where O+O was integrated with OOH, to telecast our live show on a billboard. This could not have been possible without Swirl and their entire team for seamless LIVE integration between all platforms.
Maira Rehan Khan
Live Streaming and Campaign Manager at BaGallery, Pakistan
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