Shoppable Videos

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Byte-sized content
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Swipe-able videos
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Built-in CTAs
Quick load time
Videos served via CDN for no visible impact on load time
Quick Load time with CDN
Auto-import from social media
Record new videos or convert social media videos into shoppable assets.
Convert Social Media Videos Into Shoppable Video
Multiple products in one video
Attach and demonstrate multiple product attributes in a single video.
Attach multiple products to a shoppable video
Multi-page embed
Add carousels and short videos to your product pages with a few clicks.
Multiple Short Videos In Single Product Page
In-video checkout
Shorten the path to purchase with an uninterrupted shopping experience.
In Video Checkout In Short Video
Simple one-line integration
Just copy-paste short code into your website and get started.
Easy Integration for short Shoppable Video
TikTok-style eCommerce to inspire confidence
Carousel-style video
Boost engagement and average time spent with embedded product videos
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Interactive engagements
Trigger conversations with polls, questions, announcements, and other interactions
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Guided shopping journey
Create playlists, tutorials, demos, with built-in CTAs to inspire action
Transform static to immersive

Case studies

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TVS Motors launched RTR 310 Bikes through live commerce and achieved 3100% Return on Investment & $550k Lift in sales
₹4.5Cr+ ($550k)
Worth of bike bookings
Engagement rate
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Questions? Answers.
Can shoppable video improve conversions on my website?

Yes, absolutely! With our Shoppable Videos, you can create short, TikTok style videos that can be used as a carousel on your homepage to improve time spent and guide customers towards purchase, or you can use videos to enhance product pages and stand out in a sea of static images.

Think of it as a seamless and simple way to transform your own ecommerce website into a live shopping platform that customers can’t get enough of.

How can I build my own first-party data through shoppable videos?

Each of our products have different use cases, and one may suit your brand requirements more than the others. If you’re interested in live commerce but not sure which to choose, book a demo and have a chat with our team.

How does live shopping work, exactly?

Yes, we offer a free trial that allows you to experiment with a few features and share your first live commerce video with a limited list of friends. Book a demo above to chat with us and ask for a free trial.

Is there any way to track how my live events are performing?

You don’t need to hire influencers to host your livestreams. Research shows that customers are more likely to trust brand experts or members of sales teams for live shopping. Just make sure your host is knowledgeable, can answer questions and is comfortable in front of the camera.

Our demo only takes 15 minutes and you can book it at any time that works for you.
Book a demo