One-to-one Personal Shopping
More intimate.
More effective
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Assisted shopping
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Shorter sales cycle
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Expert consulting sessions
One-to-One Personal Live Shopping Experience
Concierge-style shopping for high value customers

Bring the personalized human touch of assisted shopping to your virtual storefront and recreate the experience of a physical store.

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High touch experience
Self-scheduled appointments, reminders and follow-ups, special offers, more
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Built-in shopping
In-video questions, voice messages or texts, live chat
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Assisted shopping
Build custom catalogues, offer exclusive recommendations, and add to cart on customers’ behalf
Guided shopping journeys with a consultative approach
Analytics and metrics for business decisions
Shopping history of customers, trend predictions, engagement records, etc
Strong metrics for business decisions
Team management
View team performance, conduct training, delegate tasks from dashboard
Team Management Dashboard
Build a valuable repository of first-party data
Capture leads, predict sales and conversions, and create your own database
Capture lead with One to One Live Video Shopping

Case studies

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A luxury menswear brand in Bangalore collaborated with SWIRL during the COVID-19 lockdown to offer private shopping consultations via One-to-One personal virtual shopping experiences.
Higher sales
Leads generated
increase in AOV
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Questions? Answers.
Does assisted shopping increase conversions?

Globally, $2 trillion is lost in sales opportunities because of low conversion rates. Over 55% of global traffic shows high bounce rates, with less than 15 seconds spent on eCommerce websites. With Swirl’s solutions, your brand won’t have to bear the brunt of rising costs and dipping profits. This assisted personal shopping experience adds to brand engagement and recall, makes clients feel valued, and increases the probability of a client coming back for more. Whether your brand offers luxury goods, skincare, electronics, real estate services, home and lifestyle products, makeup and skincare, fashion and apparel, private consulting, or other products, Swirl’s one-to-one solution can be used to engage with your customers. Get in touch with us to learn how brands like you are using live video selling today.

What are the benefits of one-to-one personalized sessions for my business?

Customers enjoy the consultative approach of one-to-one shopping. You’ll be able to provide focused attention and a safe, comfortable space to answer queries and offer advice. Your team will appreciate the ease of creating shorter, more effective shopping journeys that are far more likely to convert. Before a live session, they’ll also be able to create custom catalogues, which allows them to customize the experience for high-profile customers or buyers with high interest. In addition, Swirl’s one-to-one solution offers a powerful dashboard that shows you the length of the call, queries solved, most effective hosts, revenue, and multiple other metrics that can help you hone your strategy.

How does one-to-one shopping work, exactly?

Think of one-to-one shopping as a video call between host and customer, with the added convenience of powerful features like custom shopping journeys, personalized calls to action, easy and personalized guidance, and data collection. If you’d like to see it in action, book a demo with us.

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