A Guide to Enhance Engagement with Livestream E-commerce

Unveil the game-changing strategies of live video shopping for revolutionizing e-commerce engagement. Explore seamless interaction and social simulcasting.

Prashant Ramani
December 29, 2023
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Unveil the game-changing strategies of live video shopping for revolutionizing e-commerce engagement. Explore seamless interaction, social simulcasting, and holistic solutions with Swirl to elevate your marketing strategy, fostering heightened engagement and brand success.

How Live Commerce Helps Boost Engagement

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, the surge in video selling and live shopping has reshaped how businesses connect with their audience. This innovative approach provides a real-time, interactive platform for showcasing products—a powerful strategy to elevate engagement and drive sales.

Engagement remains a pivotal challenge for many e-commerce ventures. The frustration of attracting users to your website, only to witness minimal interaction, is all too familiar. A robust engagement rate is paramount, offering a gateway to increased revenue, improved search engine rankings, profound customer insights, and heightened brand awareness—integral elements for business success.

Read on to explore why livestream e-commerce is the way forward for boosting engagement rates. 

1. Video is the most consumed content format

As social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels continue to soar, video has undeniably claimed its throne as the reigning content format. In this landscape, marketers are presented with a clear directive: the future is in video content.

Live video shopping emerges as a potent strategy, enabling customers to witness products in action, fostering trust, and significantly enhancing the likelihood of a purchase. A compelling statistic underscores this trend—89% of consumers reveal that watching a video has directly influenced their buying decisions (Source: Wyzowl)

The live video shopping experience empowers businesses to showcase product features, address queries in real time, and offer a dynamic presentation beyond the capabilities of static images and text. This immersive approach enhances customer understanding and facilitates direct communication with brand representatives. In the era of video supremacy, businesses that harness this trend stand poised for heightened engagement and conversion.

2. More interaction throughout the funnel

Customer engagement extends beyond the confines of livestream shopping sessions. To optimize this tool and offer users a delightful shopping experience, fostering interaction is key across the pre-, during, and post-video selling stages.

Strategically place customized CTAs throughout the pre-, during, and post-video selling stages. This dynamic solution ensures a seamless flow of interaction, turning each touchpoint into an opportunity for meaningful engagement. Elevate your live commerce strategy, making it truly comprehensive and customer-centric.

Here are some examples of the same :

Pre-session: Download the brochure, Set a reminder

During the session: In-video purchase, Ask Question

Post-session: How-to videos, styling videos

In the pre-session, set expectations and share relevant details. During the live session, ensure real-time interaction for heightened engagement. Post-session, entice customers back with bonus content, maximizing the value they receive. With Swirl, elevate engagement not just during live sessions but also in post-purchase scenarios, creating a holistic and enduring customer connection.

3. Social Simulcasting

Social simulcasting is a game-changer, enabling you to broadcast your live event across various platforms concurrently, broadening your reach and connecting with a diverse audience. By tapping into native social media features like likes, comments, and shares, you boost engagement.

Encourage followers to share, unlocking access to new audiences and transforming your livestream into a dynamic, expansive experience. It's a potent strategy leveraging both your existing community and expanding horizons.


In summary, live video selling is an indispensable trend for businesses in the digital age. Proven as a potent tool, it elevates engagement rates and substantially boosts revenue. Implementing tactics like Multiple CTAs and social simulcasting can swiftly enhance your marketing strategy's overall performance. The influence of video content is immense, presenting a prime opportunity for marketers and business owners to leverage this power for a significant advantage. Now is the time to harness this potential.

Prashant Ramani
Head of Global Customer Success

With 5 years of B2B experience and 2 years in SaaS customer success, Prashant excels at managing enterprise clients in the UAE, KSA, and USA.

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