Experience The Power Of Swirl Live Shopping's Simulcast Feature For Live streaming On Meta, Instagram, And Youtube

Expand Your Reach and Engagement with Swirl's Secret Sauce: Livestream Across Social Media Channels Like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube for Live Shopping.

Bheshaj Joshi
July 7, 2023
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With the newest feature launched in the Swirl Live Shopping app, brands can now share livestreams simultaneously across social media channels. The simulcast feature allows brands to tap into existing customer bases and take advantage of the easy sharing functions while boosting sales and engagement.

We’re proud to announce that the Swirl Live Shopping app now offers a simulcast feature to clients. This feature allows brands to optimize their social media following by sharing livestreams simultaneously across Instagram, Meta (Facebook) Live, and Youtube.

Simulcast with Swirl on different social media platform

Livestream shopping is poised to become the future trend in ecommerce, representing a highly social method of engaging with customers and fostering deeper connections. Viewers exhibit heightened trust and improved brand recall when brands employ livestream commerce as a sales approach. By simulcasting your livestreams, you can provide more meaningful interactions to your followers, offering an experience that they will genuinely value.

NEW Simulcast For Social Media

Swirl's latest simulcast feature empowers brands to harness the advantages of livestreaming and social media, enabling them to establish a strong presence on relevant platforms and craft compelling content that resonates with today's customers. This opens up exciting possibilities for live shopping and enhances the overall customer experience.

New Simulcast For Social Media

Here are some of the most important ways in which Swirl simulcast has a direct impact on your brand: 

  • Increased ROI on social media acquisition spends
  • Deeper engagement with social media following
  • Uses owned platform for eCommerce instead of giving up control to ecommerce giants
  • Optimize livestream content by repurposing video content

Now, Simulcasting On Instagram For The First Time! 

Until now, Instagram has not offered simulcasting from external sources due to its closed settings. This has proven to be a challenge for brands with a large and engaged Instagram following, as they have not been able to tap into the customer base that resides there. 

Simulcasting On Instagram For The First Time

With Swirl's revolutionary ‘secret sauce’, our clients can now simulcast their live shopping sessions on popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live, and Instagram. Viewers will receive notifications about the simulcast and can choose their preferred platform to watch it. If they want to shop, ask questions, or engage with the brand, clear instructions will be provided. Brands can include messages within the live stream or share a link in their bio, redirecting interested viewers from social media to their brand-owned website or Shopify page.

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One challenge of streaming on Instagram is the short lifespan of content. Due to the addictive infinite scroll, your live shopping session can quickly get replaced by other brands. However, with Swirl's simulcast feature, you can share your livestream on Stories or Reels, ensuring that notifications appear at the top of the feed.

Using Swirl Simulcasting For Better Sales And More Control

With a livestream that is simulcast across all your brand platforms, you can expect more inquiries and more interactions simply because you’re reaching out to a wider audience. This article by McKinsey states that live commerce telescopes the customer decision journey by moving quickly from awareness to purchase. Swirl’s simulcast feature allows you to tap into your existing social media following.

Increase revenue with swirl's Using Swirl Simulcasting Feature

In addition to enhancing customer interactions, Swirl's plugins for Shopify or WooCommerce enable you to drive potential buyers to your own eCommerce pages. This provides an opportunity to gather valuable data, extract meaningful analytics, and refine your communication and sales strategies to boost sales.

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Extracting Value From All Your Channels With Simulcasting

For any brand – whether you’re a bootstrapped start-up, an angel-funded small business, or a large omnichannel brand – one of the top priorities is to maximize results and reduce costs. Here’s how Swirl’s simulcast feature helps. 

As a brand, you invest significant efforts and resources in acquiring social media followers, engaging with them, producing livestream content, and analyzing data to comprehend consumer behavior. In addition to direct financial investments, you dedicate resources to manage these activities. How can you leverage and repurpose your existing assets to enhance outcomes? Live shopping provides an opportunity to maximize your efforts and yield better results.

Extracting Value From All Channels With Simulcasting

With Swirl simulcasting, you can: 

  • Reach out to your existing database without needing to spend more
  • Provide fresh new content that is engaging and relevant
  • Direct interested customers to your own eCommerce channels 
  • Take advantage of the easy Like and Share functions on social media to gain new organic followers 
  • Turn one-time livestream content into a reusable asset that pays rich dividends long after it has been taken live 

At the heart of our business lies innovation, and we strive to adapt to the changing needs and priorities of our clients. As a brand rooted in a direct-to-consumer (D2C) approach, we recognize the significance of optimizing every investment. Our latest simulcast feature is designed to assist brands in maximizing their social media investment while capitalizing on the immense popularity of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, enabling them to leverage the power of video eCommerce.

Bheshaj Joshi

With 8 years of start-up experience in the USA and India, Bheshaj excels at market analysis and has an uncanny knack for spotting tech trends before they hit.

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