December 12, 2023

Swirl partners with Cohley to redefine video commerce with Shoppable UGC

Swirl partners with Cohley to revolutionize ecommerce with dynamic video reviews, shoppable videos, and UGC commerce. Swirl can convert any short video or livestream into shoppable content and drive higher ROI.

Swirl partners with Cohley to revolutionize ecommerce with dynamic video reviews, shoppable videos, and UGC commerce

Swirl, the leading provider of video commerce solutions, is driving a paradigm shift in customer engagement, conversion, and retention. Swirl's transformative technology seamlessly integrates a shoppable layer into video content, transforming it into dynamic, interactive experiences bridging the online-offline divide. Their impressive kitty of clients includes Puma, Vivo, Momstore, Homesrus, Shredskinz, Traya, and many more across APAC, EMEA, and North America.  

Cohley, the leading content marketing platform helping top consumer brands generate short-form videos, photography, and product reviews to support their full-funnel digital marketing efforts, has partnered with Swirl to enable its clients to activate and host interactive video content across the digital shelf. 

 "Swirl offers a slick, lightning-fast shoppable feature on top of all video formats, be it short, or live where it turns casual browsing into a buying spree, like a magic wand that turns viewers into shoppers. Brands should think of it as their secret weapon for killer insights and get ready to rock those campaigns that practically sell themselves. The future isn't just knocking; it's kicking down the door – viral, sharp, and totally unstoppable" says Kaizad Hansotia, CEO at Swirl

 By leveraging Swirl's capabilities to convert simple customer video reviews into engaging shoppable videos, businesses significantly enhance the likelihood of converting viewers into customers. Swirl combats challenges such as lower engagement, stagnant sales, and limited reach by adding a shoppable aspect to videos, resulting in higher engagement, boosted sales, increased product discoverability, and higher conversions. With Swirl’s shoppable videos, brands have experienced a +3X increase in revenue, +5X higher engagement, and +50% fewer returns. 

 “This alignment between Swirl and Cohley marks a significant stride forward. Combining authentic customer reviews with the shoppable element completes a brand’s odyssey for enhanced product discoverability. This strategic move is poised to be a game changer for D2C e-commerce brands.” says Bheshaj Joshi, COO at Swirl

In a world where people consume an average of 17 hours of video weekly, the burgeoning global video commerce market is projected to hit a staggering US$2.79 trillion within the next five years. Experiencing exponential growth, DTC e-commerce in the US claims 14% of total retail e-commerce sales, with 57% of consumers actively seeking direct purchases from brands. Now, envision the impact of prospective customers engaging with a user-generated, reliable video. Authentic customer reviews, presented as shoppable content, instill trust and confidence in potential customers, serving as a valuable decision-making tool. 

 The partnership will provide wide-ranging benefits to their mutual clients, including higher conversion rates, and higher customer engagement at every stage of the purchase funnel. The integration will enable automated updates to help brands create and maintain more dynamic product pages, building deeper connections with customers, creating immersive experiences, and turning shoppers into buyers with seamless add-to-cart and checkout functionality.  The partnership will include quick and simple implementation and integration for clients, providing industry-specific customizations and workflows. The partnership, in which Cohley will function as the fuel for Swirl’s engine, will include VIP-managed services and client support.


Swirl can convert any short video or livestream into shoppable content and drive higher ROI. It is an industry-leading video commerce solution to increase revenue and customer engagement, both online and omnichannel. Learn more at

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