Unveiling Swirl’s New Look: A Journey Into Live Video Commerce

Introducing Swirl's fresh look! Experience our enhanced live commerce platform, extending its reach to new markets. Find out more about our product suite now!

Kaizad Hansotia
June 5, 2023
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In this blog, learn about
Swirl's New Look

Have you seen our new website? With a new logo, vibrant colors, and fresh branding, the new Swirl is here with a bang! 

Here’s us unveiling Swirl’s new look, with a fresh logo and branding, denoting our innovative solutions and commitment to delivering value to customers. Our live commerce platform has grown and now reaches new markets, brands, and businesses worldwide. Discover more about our product suite, consultative approach, and what brought on this much-needed change.

The last 24 months have been incredible for us, and we’ve made some big leaps in terms of new clients, expansion into new markets, new features, and building a better, stronger team. Rebranding Swirl to reflect our new, evolved identity was on our list for a while, but we wanted to do it right.

Our New Website Represents Three Key New Changes:

  • Our global presence
  • Our robust product offering
  • Our consultative, collaborative approach 

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Swirl Now Offers Live Video Selling Globally 

Over the last two years, we’ve partnered with dynamic clients across industries, customizing buyer journeys for faster conversions and greater engagement. 

With priceless insights and learnings gleaned from the more mature Asian live commerce landscape, Swirl now has a formidable offering that is ready for a global audience.

We already have a presence (and a team) in North America, and attended ShopTalk in Vegas earlier this year. We’re currently seeing a large influx of queries from clients wanting to use live video selling to optimize investments in the uncertain financial landscape. 

We’ve also expanded into the Middle East, where eCommerce is on a fast upward swing. We participated in Seamless Dubai, one of the most exciting industry events of the year. It gave us an opportunity to connect with new clients and colleagues, and learn about the latest challenges in the live shopping space. 

We’ve Built A Powerful Suite of Products

With every new client and customization, we learn more about what brands want from their live selling tools. In the last year, we’ve introduced innovative new features like:

  • Conversational AI, for more personalized buyer journeys
  • Social simulcasting, for IRL broadcasting of every livestream event
  • Deeper analytics, to help make data-backed business decisions
  • First-party data, to reduce dependency on meagre buyer info from external platforms

Our products include livestream shopping, shoppable video, and one-to-one personal shopping. This diverse offering enables us to cater to brands in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, home, electronics, F&B, and more. 

We work with enterprise brands like VIVO, DNA, Pantaloons, and ITC; as well as with independent D2C brands like Mulmul, Power Gummies, BaGallery, Traya Health and more. 

And that brings us to our consultative approach.

We Don’t Offer Mere Subscriptions; We Offer A Full Strategic Collaboratio

When you sign up with Swirl, we place all our expertise at your fingertips. 

We work closely with you to understand your goals and leverage live selling in your brand marketing and sales strategies. Our top-notch customer success team ensures that every live event or video integration is seamlessly executed, and we help contextualize post-event analytics so that you can make decisions based on bestselling products and more engaged customer profiles.

Now How Do You Take All That And Combine It Into One Beautiful, Stylish Website?

We wanted our website to represent Swirl’s brand identity and capabilities. Here’s what we decided: 

From Our Design Team:

Swirl’s sleek logo leans eagerly into the future, almost racing towards the next goal. The vibrant colors convey the bright potential of the live commerce industry. We especially love the citrus yellow that represents the way video selling refreshes and adds zing to stale brand engagement tactics. 

From Our Content Team:

We wanted to put statistics front and center, because our readers are busy decision-makers looking for information. Supplemented by case studies, testimonials, and use-centric information nuggets, our website leads users through a simple journey to help understand live selling, and more importantly, how live selling can work for them.


We love our new look, and we’re pretty convinced it showcases our goal to stay fresh and offer value to our customers around the world. What do you think?

Kaizad Hansotia
Founder & CEO

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