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TVS Motors launched RTR 310 Bikes through live commerce and achieved 3100% Return on Investment & $550k Lift in sales

TVS Motor Company, India's third-largest auto industry by revenue, annually produces 4M+ vehicles and achieves 3M+ unit sales with a market cap of $12.26 Billion.
“We are grateful for the innovative work we did by deploying and testing Live Commerce at TVS Motor Company. Thanks to Swirl® team for partnering on this initiative! It's a groundbreaking move in the industry for the first time, and we are thrilled with the results.”
Abhay Tandon
Digital Innovation Officer, TVS

The Challenge

The usual drill of a typical automobile purchase involves a showroom visit, test drive, online videos, and waiting for assistance.  Automobile brands get 1M+ website traffic, but engagement is <5%, with customers moving to YouTube and social media for more information. Challenged by the conventional buying process, TVS decided to shake things up. They turned to video commerce to:

  • Foster direct and candid interaction with a wider audience
  • Minimize churn and drop-offs at every stage

Swirl Solution

Short Video

Snackable, short-form video content to generate buzz for the new RTR 310 bike launch and have viewers register for the livestream

Livestream Shopping

One host, millions of viewers, and a unique way to create awareness and open shop while keeping the audience entertained

The Game Plan

To make the impossible possible, Swirl and TVS formed a two-part approach to generate buzz and promote the first-of-its-kind bike launch livestream. This included:

  • Pre-event promotion and invitation
  • Generate pre-bookings for the new bike
  • To create a new interactive channel for automobile sales
  • Using product experts or KOEs (Key Opinion Employees) to host the live show
  • Post-event retargeting to gather data and predict trends

The Execution

TVS embedded a horizontal short video teaser on its main impact website pages to give them an edge in the pre-launch campaign.

  • The short video played in PIP mode across 6-7 high-traffic pages
  • Clicking the CTA ‘Know More’ redirected customers to the product page with details
  • Allowed people to register for the live show
  • Offered the option to pre-book the bike

By leveraging short videos, TVS increased traffic, boosted time spent on the website, and generated pre-bookings even before the live show. On the day of the livestream, the CTA on the PIP video changed to ‘Pre-book Now’ and led people to a booking form. The livestream, featuring a blend of live hosting and pre-recorded content, was hosted by KOEs (Key Opinion Employees) Mr. Vimal Sambli - Business Head, and Mr. Bernard Heiming – CTO, accompanied by a recorded video from Mr. Sudarshan Venu – MD. After the lively presentation, the brand experts unveiled the bikes live on stage with riders introducing all the bike models.

The live show hosts captivated the audience with:

  • Highlighting features of the new Apache bikes
  • Promoting added merchandise, accessories, and
  • maintenance offers
  • Showing the bike design process
  • Displaying pre-recorded driving demos emphasizing
  • control and safety features
  • Discussing brand successes and highlights
  • Showcasing pre-recorded freestyle biking videos for
  • the bikes' appealing vibe
  • Talking about the qualities of their inspiration: the ideal rider
  • Hosting a freestyle dance show

TVS Motors was awarded gold at India Digital Summit 2024 by IMAI under the category of "Innovation in E-Commerce.

The Result

Of 201 bookings, 31 bookings, were generated through Swirl. The bike launch livestream garnered 47,042 mins of watch time and:

₹4.5Cr+ ($550k)
Worth of bike bookings
Engagement rate
Conversion Rate
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