Swirl - Shopify Integration

Easily connect your Shopify store with Swirl and provide an immersive live shopping experience to your customers. 


Why Swirl – Our Live Shopping App

Increase Your Website Traffic

Use Swirl Live video shopping or embed short video stories of your products on your website — showcase shoppable looks and attract more customers to your eCommerce store. 

Fully-branded White-label Experience

Get a fully customizable product with your own brand, logo, and identity. Keep your brand experience intact and build lasting relationships with your customers. 

Automatic Sync of Data

Effortlessly sync your products, categories, purchase orders, and payments with your Shopify store. Empower your brand associate with relevant information to enable them to generate more sales within a short time frame.

What It Has to Offer

Seamless Integration

Shopify is extremely easy to set up. Connect your Shopify platform with Swirl and add the power of interactive, shoppable videos to your online business. Shorten the purchase journey on your Shopify store by bridging the online-offline gap.

Interactive Content

Swirl uses state-of-the-art technology infrastructure that adds a proprietary Interactive layer on top of the video, using Text, Chat, WhatsApp, SMS, & Voice to make the entire experience as close to in-real-life as possible.

Better Control

Integrate videos into your product pages and benefit from full data ownership. Maintain complete control of the customer and the transaction data that is fully encrypted and securely hosted on our cloud servers.

Real-time Consumer Analytics

Easily plug Swirl into your Shopify platform and get access to real-time engagement analytics, video analytics, predictive sales, and customer data points with their verified mobile number right from the dashboard. Help your brand engage, convert, and retain more customers.

How It Works

Download Swirl App and enable the Shopify Store option from the My Profile section to get your Unique Code

Install Swirl app from Shopify marketplace and enter the Unique Code to connect your Shopify account with Swirl

Sync Shopify store products with the Swirl app

Create shoppable live streams and short videos and publish them on your product pages, homepage, etc.

Get access to analytics and track add-to-cart clicks to improve conversions.

Join the league of 100+ brands using Swirl

Available for all eCommerce platforms.
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