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Al-Futtaim, with BYD cars, scored $10.3M+ Worth of Test Drive Bookings and 142.9% Engagement Rate

Al-Futtaim Group, a UAE-based conglomerate, is leading the charge towards net-zero emissions by deploying BYD electric vehicles, setting a new standard in sustainability.
Launching 7 cars live was no small feat. We're thrilled with the Swirl team for orchestrating our first live event seamlessly, resulting in an outstanding customer experience and generating test drive bookings. We are looking forward to embracing the video-first future with them.
Himanshu Shrivastava
CTO/CIO/CDO, Al-Futtaim

The Challenge

Al-Futtaim wanted to break away from the traditional offline route to unveil 7 BYD Cars for the first time nationwide with the goal to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Reach audience not physically present during the launch in KSA
  • Create a strong engagement by reaching existing blue rewards customers
  • Generate test drive bookings online
  • Create an innovative customer experience
  • Foster a direct connect with digital savvy consumers

Swirl Solution | Livestream Commerce

A pre-recorded livestream event featuring host Suha Nowailaty with Mr. Hasan Nergiz (MD, Al Futtaim Electric Mobility), and Mr. AD Hoang (MD, BYD, Middle East & Africa). The live event was showcased solely on the Blue Rewards app to create exclusivity amongst the members and drive more in-app engagement and adoption.

The Game Plan

Swirl partnered with Al-Futtaim to create a pre-recorded 30-minute livestream session for the launch of 7 BYD cars. This was exclusively showcased on the Al-Futtaim Blue Rewards app and featured:

  • Launch of 7 new car models
  • Features and benefits of fully electric and hybrid cars
  • Design process from sketch to final product
  • Environmental challenges tackled by BYD
  • A joint commitment to make 50% of the country run on renewable energy

Pre-live stream, Al-Futtaim promoted and invited the audience using:

  • Email campaigns
  • Push notifications
  • App banner promoting the livestream
  • Social media posts and stories

On the Blue Rewards app:

  • A countdown leading to the live show was displayed.
  • During the event, a banner inviting the viewers to the livestream displayed on the Blue Rewards app.
  • The CTA was ‘Book a Test Drive’, with Al-Futtaim offering doorstep delivery for those who scheduled a test drive.
  • The CTA enabled a seamless single-click test drive booking for customers.
  • Once booked, customers immediately received a WhatsApp message confirming the same.

We created a customized UI/UX workflow that exactly matched their brand aesthetic, including colors, fonts, icons, and general style.

We also built a custom API to integrate with their customer data endpoint API. Al-Futtaim provided an encrypted ID for each user that watched the live show. We saved that encrypted ID and passed it to them, building a private viewer database, to ensure customer data stays protected in their own environment as per KSA data protection and privacy laws.

Al-Futtaim awarded points to every user in the Blue Rewards app, which could be redeemed while shopping for other products through the app.

The Result

The livestream garnered:

Test drive bookings
Worth of test drive bookings
Engagement rate
Mins of watch time
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