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BPC marketplace BaGallery 10X'd its impact with a successful phygital live commerce campaign.

BaGallery is one of the top beauty and personal care marketplaces in Pakistan. The brand recently received a new round of funding and was targeting incremental growth and revenue in 2022
Fashion & Beauty
"We partnered with L'Oréal where O+O was integrated with OOH, to telecast our live show on a billboard. This could not have been possible without Swirl® and their entire team for seamless LIVE integration between all platforms."
Maira Khan
Live Streaming and Campaign Manager

The brief

BaGallery decided to use their first foray into live commerce todo something more more than talk about deals. The brand works closely with partner brands to improve offerings for customers, so planned to leverage those relationships.

"Our customers expect innovation and fresh ideas from us. We wantedto use this opportunity to do something new and never-seen-before,to create a magical event that viewers would never forget."

Swirl solutions for BaGallery

Livestream Shopping

One host, millions of viewers, and the most hypnotic way to create awareness.

1-to-1 Personal Shopping

Customized virtual shopping experiences to move viewers towards purchase.

The game plan

BaGallery worked with Swirl on a first-in-class OOH campaign that included these elements:

  • A real world gameshow to boost engagement and create hype
  • A L'Oreal partnership for increased reach for their live event
  • A custom page for live shopping events to retain website visitors
  • One-to-one sessions for deeper, more personalized service

The execution

BaGallery leveraged two of Swirl's solutions to create:

  • A newsworthy gameshow format that would stream online and on billboards at prime locations across the capital
  • High engagement through quizzes, contests, and polls, with attractive prizes for participants
  • Ninety live shopping events hosted by multiple influencers, for unboxing shows, product launches, reviews and How-to's, festive season specials, etc
  • Virtual consultations with skincare and beauty experts

The results

This was a truly phygital experience that combined gamification and live commerce. BaGallery was thrilled to report 65% higher engagement and 4000 Buy Now conversions.

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