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Bechef | A DIY gourmet food brand scored 5.5% more conversions and boosts Add-to-Cart rates with an immersive live commerce campaign

BeChef has a scrumptious range of sauces, dips, and cooking ingredients curated by experts to help home chefs whip up new dishes and try exotic cuisines. BeChef partnered with top retail brands to be available in-store and online, and also worked with top food influencers to reach the right audience and inspire confidence.
Food & Beverages
“Using livestream selling played a pivotal role in ensuring our brand recall and creating a fast-growing base of customers. Apart from having a big impact on our revenue, I can honestly say that live commerce was a catalyst for our rapid growth.”
Dr. Deep Lodhari

The challenge

Despite such strategic promotions, BeChef found itself competing against not just other ready-to-cook brands but also food delivery, dine-out, and home cooking.

Additionally, the brand found that home chefs were unsure about how to use their exotic ingredients and were reluctant to experiment.

Swirl solution

Livestream Shopping: One host, millions of viewers, and the most hypnotic way to create awareness.

The game plan

Recognizing the need for education as well as awareness, BeChef partnered with Swirl to create a series of livestream videos to engage and inform home chefs. 

The plan included: 

  • Celebrity chefs and food influencers 
  • Q&A sessions with experts
  • Video tutorials
  • Giveaways

The execution

Every video was scripted like a cooking tutorial to show how easy it was to create new dishes with BeChef. With interactivities, demos, giveaways, and more, the live selling shows were more about infotainment than a brand campaign.

The results

By the end of the campaign, BeChef’s numbers had soared, and customers felt equipped and confident to buy. Creating a repository of videos also served as a source of inspiration for new customers.

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