BeChef’s Add-to-Cart rates soared by a whopping 4.3X and conversion rate by 5.5% when they collaborated with Swirl to run a video ad campaign.

BeChef offers an expert-curated range of sauces, dips and cooking ingredients to help home chefs experiment with new cuisines and create their own gourmet meals.

BeChef partnered with the top retail brands in order to be available in-store and online to customers. They also worked with multiple influencers to encourage customers to use the products.

In the food and snacks market, BeChef found that it was competing with not just other ready-to-cook brands, but also with food delivery, dine-out, and home-cooked options.

Another problem they faced was that home chefs were unsure of experimenting with exotic cuisines and ingredients. Recognizing the need for education as well as encouragement, BeChef partnered with Swirl Live Shopping on a video ad campaign.

 Every video was scripted like a cooking tutorial or demo in order to showcase how versatile and easy each product is to use.

During the lockdown, when restaurants were closed for months and people turned to their own kitchens to create interesting meals, BeChef saw a huge spike in viewership, over 4.3X increase in Add-to-cart and a 5.5% conversion rate. The videos played a pivotal part in ensuring brand revenue and engaging a fast-growing fanbase of customers.