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An Ayurveda-inspired skincare brand boosts customer engagement by 70% as it launches a new product range with live commerce.

Greenberry Organics is a homegrown beauty and self-care brand with a wide range of products. A large segment of the modern beauty market is sensitive to the need for natural alternatives, as evidenced by the recent boom in Ayurveda-inspired self-care brands in recent years.
Beauty & Wellness
“Greenberry Organics is a young brand with a fresh take on skincare, and we wanted to connect with enthusiasts who would share our ideology. Through live video shopping, we had insightful two-way conversations instead of advertising, and got great results.”
Arjoon Mehra

The challenge

With legacy household brands rebranding versions of trusted products with an Ayurveda focus, as well as new brands launching natural remedies, Greenberry Organics found itself in a highly competitive landscape. 

Despite considerable social media coverage and influencer collaborations, Greenberry Organics was keen to do more as a new brand to create a lasting impression and improve engagement with customers.

Swirl solution

Livestream Shopping: One host, millions of viewers, and the most hypnotic way to create awareness.

The game plan

The launch of their new collection was the perfect opportunity for Greenberry Organics to showcase its range and engage more deeply with skincare enthusiasts. 

Swirl worked with the brand to create themed live sessions. These included:

  • Q&A with an expert
  • Tutorials and how-tos
  • Product combos
  • Offers and interactivities

The execution

Greenberry Organics created an extensive pre-event promotion plan to invite their database of the event:

  • Emailers sent out 2 weeks before event
  • Whatsapp broadcasts to invite customers
  • Social media posts to create buzz
  • Reminder notifications on the day of the event

The results

Through the course of their live video launch, Greenberry Organics found that customer interactions grew by 70%. In addition, customers Add-to-Cart rate was higher by 30%.

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