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Finland' s premier mall, Kamppi Helsinki 10X'd its impact with a truly phygital video selling experience.

Kamppi Helsinki is one of the busiest shopping centres in the Nordics and can be found right at the heart of Helsinki. The shopping center has over 150 stores, restaurants and cafes, and has its own bus and metro terminal.
"We were thrilled with our live shopping experiment! We were looking for ways to reduce the dependency on footfall during low season, and we found our answer: 'Shoppertainment'! All thanks to SWIRL for their tireless support."
Tina Fogel
Centre Manager

The brief

After the Christmas and New Year rush, Kamppi Helsinki mall sees reduced footfall and lower revenues. The management wanted to showcase some of the new attractions of the mall during the winter months and encourage online and in-person shopping.

"We decided to experiment with livestream shopping during the peak of winter, which is typically a low phase after festive season. Our customers were staying home due to cold weather and it was the perfect time to try an online event that our customers would enjoy."

GoSwirl solutions for Kamppi Helsinki

Livestream Shopping

One host, millions of viewers, and the mosthypnotic way to create awareness.

The game plan

Kamppi Helsinki worked with SWIRL to create a series of livestream shopping events that included these elements:

  • A guided tour of the mall with themed sessions like fashion, home decor, etc.
  • A stop at the newest F&B attractions like ice-cream and coffee to encourage walk-ins
  • Interviews of specialist store owners to discuss new products and shopping tips

The execution

Kamppi Helsinki leveraged two of SWIRL's solutions to create:

  • A custom page to host all past live shopping events to increase time spent on the website
  • Limited time discounts for viewers during the live event to increase urgency and improve conversions
  • Social media promotions before the event to ensure good attendance

Award-winning excellence

Kamppi Helsinki also won the Award for Digitalization and Utilization of New Technology by the Shopping Center Association.

The collaboration with SWIRL helped the brand to achieve the following:

  • Increased sales and a stronger brand
  • Increased trust via authentic brand marketing in a familiar format
  • Inspiration for customers to buy online or visit the mall

The results

The livestream shopping events were a hit with the home-bound audience, proving that live video shopping is for everyone, not just digital brands.

Livestream events
26 mins
Avg. view time
Total viewers
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