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Designer fashion boutique Mulmul gained 7.4% more conversions by integrating shoppable video carousels on its website.

Since its inception, Mulmul has been incredibly successful with its affordable luxury positioning. The brand has a loyal following of repeat customers, including celebrities and influencers.
Swirl user
6 months
"We were thrilled with the results of our collaboration with Swirl® and are already planning our next pure live commerce campaign. Our customers spend significantly more time on our website now, and are more confident to make a purchase."
Creative Director
Aniha Modi

The brief

Like many Indian wear brands, Mulmul sees the most traffic during festive and wedding season (Oct-Feb). The brand heads were looking for a way to hold the attention of customers and guide them through their purchase journey.

"We get 1000s of new users during shaadi season, but typically they are easily distracted and browsing for inspiration. We wanted to try something new to stand out and create a memorable experience."

Swirl solutions for Mulmul

Livestream shopping
One host, millions of viewers, and the most hypnotic way to create awareness.

Short shoppable video
Snackable, short-form video content to fuel consideration and intent.

The game plan

Mulmul was planning a joyful, bright 'Shaadi ka Ghar' campaign for the wedding season, and so Swirl helped to integrate these live commerce elements into their activities:

  • A carousel of short shoppable videos featuring curated outfits and themed videos to retain customers and increase time spent on website
  • A calendar of livestream shopping events to create hype and establish brand recall
  • A series of shoppable videos to showcase their newest collections

The execution

Mulmul leveraged live commerce to create:

  • A showcase for their festive and wedding range via a series of highly engaging shoppable videos on their home page.
  • High engagement livestreams using Q&A sessions, styling tutorials, and more.
  • A new stream of sales and a high-visibility marketing tool with live commerce

The results

By leveraging live commerce, Mulmul increased traffic, boosted time spent on the website, and saw over 8000 unique viewers engaging with the brand through livestream shopping.

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