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Rubans, an affordable luxury jewelry brand, scores 187% ROI and 9.86 Lakhs Worth of products added to cart

Rubans is an affordable luxury jewelry brand that was awarded the ‘Best Jewelry Brand’ by Myntra. Their 1 cr investment through Shark Tank was a pivoting point and boosted the brand on a winning trajectory. Designed for confident, modern women, what sets Rubans apart is their unique blend of modern style, vintage designs, and a balance of Indian and Western aesthetics.
“We wanted to craft an exceptional and seamless customer experience. From the initial search to the final checkout, I want it etched into my customers' memories to encourage their return. Swirl® has transformed advertising for us through its immersive video format ads, fostering engaging interactions for enriched brand experiences.”
Chinu Kala

The challenge

As a renowned brand, Rubans has a strong presence across various online marketplaces. However, the challenge lay in redirecting customers to their own website while providing an enjoyable and interactive experience. Their goal was to promote their products and enhance the average order value per customer. The strategy aimed to craft a customer-centric experience that would consistently encourage them to return for more.

Swirl solution

Shoppable Videos: Snackable, short-form video content to fuel intent and consideration.

The game plan

Swirl partnered with Rubans to create unique snackable, bite-sized video content for their new collection and bestseller jewelry range. They opted for Short Shoppable Videos.

This precise, hard-hitting Swirl solution enabled the brand to:

  • Retain customers and increase time spent on the website through a carousel of short shoppable videos featuring their new collection of jewelry and best-sellers 
  • Speed up the buying decision of the customers
  • Lower the return rate
  • Repurpose non-earning social media videos to shoppable videos

The execution

Rubans’s execution of the short shoppable video strategy was truly one-of-its-kind. They decided to:

  • Change the shoppable video content every week to showcase their diverse range of products  and allow customers to discover fresh styles
  • Add product review videos on product pages to provide the last mile nudge and influence customers to make the purchase
  • Showcase videos explaining all the offers
  • Use email embed code to integrate videos in promotional emailers
  • Enable video link sharing on WhatsApp with the database of existing customers

The twist

Rubans’s Shoppable Video strategy goes beyond a simple click-and-buy thought process. They used their videos in super cool and innovative ways:

  • Added videos on PDP (product description pages) to quicken decision-making for customers
  • Added multiple looks of accessories to cross-sell and upsell 
  • Created shareable links to the videos to promote social shopping
  • Used short videos in emails to elevate engagement and website views
  • Used short videos for performance marketing
  • Including this on category pages 

This innovative strategy exemplifies how video commerce breaks free from the constraints of traditional marketing, creating an innovative path to elevate the customer experience.

The results

By leveraging short shoppable videos, Rubans increased traffic, boosted time spent on the website, rocketed sales, and saw more viewers engaging with the brand through shoppable videos.

Total views
9.86 Lakhs
Worth of products added to cart
Engagement rate
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