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Shredskinz, a health & lifestyle brand, scored $10.7k+ Worth of cart additions and 188 Buy Nows

Shredzskin is a US-based brand known for its disposable sauna suits, offering the first single-use sauna suit on the market. The brand gained visibility after appearing on Shark Tank US and securing a successful investment offer from Mark Cuban.
Health & Fitness
I 100% recommend Swirl. Once they said my videos could be made SHOPPABLE, I was sold. Not only is there customer support A+, but the product makes sense, and people have been buying from my videos on my website before the product page! I can see a noticeable website conversion boost. More importantly, the customer support is amazing and they walk you through whatever you need, which is why I chose them!
Kalaii Griffin II
Owner & CEO, Shredskinz

Challenge: Educating and Converting Customers

1. Shredskinz’s sauna suits are a niche product that that required firsthand experience for customers to understand its effectiveness.

2. The mission was to educate and convert potential customers by showcasing real-user journeys and enhancing visibility through effective SEO strategies.

Swirl Solution: Shoppable Video

Swirl partnered with Shredskinz to create engaging shoppable video content for their unique sauna suits.


With shoppable videos, Shredskinz aimed to: 

  • Educate customers 
  • Increase website conversions
  • Retain customers and increase time spent on the website
  • Speed up the buying decision 
  • Improve SEO ranking

The Game Plan

Shredskinz featured snackable, short video carousel on their homepage showcasing:

  • Real customers using their sauna suits 
  • Kalaii Griffin (the founder) explaining the product features
  • Champion boxers using the product, highlighting USPs of the product.

The short shoppable videos covered topics like: 

  • Product Features
  • How to use
  • Product benefits
  • Founder story
  • Customer Reviews
  • Real experiences

This approach allowed potential customers to see the product in action and was instrumental in promoting the benefits of Shredskinz sauna suits effectively.

The Results

With shoppable videos, in three months, Shredskinz experienced:

Worth of Products added to cart
59k+ mins
Watch Time
Unique Views
Buy Now Clicks
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