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Traya Health, the scientific hair health brand achieves a 50x ROI and a boost in daily orders from 200 to 1400 with shoppable UGC

Traya Health offers a unique combination of nutrition, dermatology, and ayurveda to improve hair health in men and women.
Health care
"Our daily orders went from 200 per day to 1200! We couldn 't believe it! The GoSwirl team made our integration experience very smooth, and we ' re still seeing views in videos that we embedded a few months ago. Just amazing!"
Sandip Agarwal
VP of Engineering, Traya

The Challenge

Traya Health wanted to boost awareness about its services and increase online sales. Offering science-backed diagnostics and effective products, Traya partnered with Swirl to build consumer confidence, encouraging viewers to take the hair test.

"We have a very strong offering: science-backed diagnostics from qualified doctors as well as effective products. But as a recent brand, we need to build consumer confidence. We partnered with GoSwirl to establish real connections and encourage viewers to take advantage of our services."

Swirl Solutions | Shoppable Videos

Snackable, short-form, video content to fuel intent and consideration.

The Game Plan

Traya deployed Short Shoppable UGC videos across their website, phone app, and social media.

  • Build trust with before and after UGC videos
  • Prompt users to take diagnostic tests
  • Provide post purchase consultations

The Execution

Traya Health has a three-layered approach to optimize the use of video content. They have used shoppable video at every stage of the customer journey


For the first phase, where a potential customer visits their website for the first time, they tailor the user experience to the point that they have:


Once the customer is interested, they are led to the hair test on the app or the website.


Traya’s pre-sales video commerce strategy enables them to:

What happens once a customer has purchased a product?

Traya's third use of short videos shines in their post-sales process.

  • Post purchase, helpful How-To videos to enhance the customer experiences
  • These videos serve an educational purpose
  • Customers can access videos on the Traya dashboard as well

Traya optmizes performance marketing with short shoppable UGC videos with a 2.3x ROAS. Traya seamlessly leads customers from various channels to PDPs, ensuring an unbroken user journey. This is trackable and enables them to boost conversion rates.

The Results

After embedding short videos, Traya saw an incredible 7X increase in order per day, and outperformed expectations on several other counts.

Views per month
Conversion rate
Hair tests taken
66 Mn+
Worth of sales per year
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