5 Livestreaming Mistakes to Avoid

Learn how to perfect your livestreaming strategy and avoid common pitfalls with our latest blog. Discover the top five livestreaming mistakes and dive into actionable tips and real-life examples to ensure your livestreams captivate your audience.

Nidhi Sharma
May 27, 2024
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Livestreaming has emerged as a powerful tool for connecting with audiences in real time, offering a unique blend of spontaneity and authenticity. However, navigating the world of livestreaming comes with its own set of challenges. 

Today, let’s discuss five common livestreaming mistakes to avoid and fine-tune your efforts to ensure a successful livestream that leaves your customers with a seamless experience. Whether you're a seasoned streamer or just starting, avoiding these pitfalls is crucial for maximizing the impact of your live shows. Join us as we delve into the dos and don'ts of livestreaming, ensuring your content shines bright. 

5 Livestreaming Mistakes and What to Do Instead

1. Poor Planning

The idea of livestreaming to boost your sales and connect with your audience is highly appealing, but rushing into it without a structured plan is not a good idea. 

An unplanned or poorly planned livestream can result in disorganized content, fumbled content delivery, failure to convey the right message, a super long livestream session, and ultimately, a boring, lackluster show with subpar engagement. 

Instead, do these to help you sail through your livestream:

  • Pre-plan your agenda. Make a list of everything you want to showcase in the livestream. 
  • Remember, you cannot show everything at once. Keep your product/service list concise. You can always plan a different live show for the next set of products/services. 
  • Write a script. Decide the flow of your livestream in advance. 
  • Rehearse the script till you get your timing right. 
  • Make prompt cards and keep them handy to steer the show in a planned direction. 
  • Avoid overly salesy content. Keep a healthy mix of educational, fun, and sale-focused content to engage viewers. 
See how TVS wins at content strategy and building anticipation for the live launch of RTR 310 bikes. 

2. Ignoring Audience Interaction

The entire point of a livestream is to connect with your audience directly. Avoid your livestream feeling like a one-sided sermon and get conversing with your audience. Tap into the real-time engagement opportunity that livestreaming offers. 

  • Keep a check on the live chat section. Address customer questions in real time. 
  • Have a dedicated person to monitor the chat section so you don’t miss out on anything and can ensure a smooth customer experience. 
  • Use polls, games, and contests to keep your viewers engaged. 
  • Reward them with discounts and limited-time offers for participating in your live show. 
  • Take feedback. Find a middle ground between your brand language and the customers’ preferences. 
See how Vivo’s audience interaction during their livestreams wins the audiences’ hearts every time. 

3. Overlooking Aesthetic and Technical Considerations

A well-planned, good-looking livestream will engage more customers. Technical glitches such as poor audio quality, buffering, or low-resolution video can detract from the viewer experience. Invest in quality equipment and a reliable internet connection to avoid these issues. 

  • It’s always a good idea to rehearse before the live event so you can work out all the kinks beforehand. 
  • Check audio, video, and internet quality to ensure your viewers get the best, seamless shopping experience. 
  • Investing in good lighting equipment. 
  • Consider how a host looks and sounds. A well-dressed, presentable host who can communicate clearly will hold the audience’s attention much better. 

4. Neglecting Promotion

If you’re not doing pre-event promotions, chances are you’ll have low viewership. Build anticipation and excitement amongst your audience by creating an effective pre-event promotion strategy. Some common promotion channels are:

  • Social Media: Create teaser posts and countdowns on social media platforms like Facebook, X, Instagram, and LinkedIn to generate excitement and remind followers about your upcoming livestream.
  • Email Marketing: Send out dedicated email newsletters to your subscribers announcing the date, time, and topic of your livestream. Include compelling visuals and a clear call to action to encourage recipients to tune in.
  • Influencer Collaborations: Partner with relevant influencers or industry experts with a strong following and ask them to promote your livestream. 
  • Cross-Promotion: Widen your reach by leveraging the audience of your partners, sponsors, or affiliated brands by cross-promoting your livestream on their platforms. 
  • Website/App Promotion: Use banners, pop-ups, PIP videos, etc. on your website or app to grab the attention of viewers and encourage them to register for the livestream. 
See how Al-Futtaim promoted the launch of 7 BYD cars on the Blue Rewards app before the live event. 

5. Lack of Post-Live Event Engagement

The impact of livestreaming doesn’t just end with the broadcast. Post-event engagement is important to keep the customers connected with your brand much after the live show is over. Maximize the impact of your show in these simple yet effective ways: 

  • Show your customers that you haven’t forgotten them. Email/WhatsApp them after the live event with a simple thank you message. 
  • Hit them up with a special offer or discount to boost the possibility of a post-event sale. 
  • Encourage conversations through a personalized Q&A session with high-intent customers. 
  • Always take after-sale reviews to ensure a satisfied customer experience. 
  • Encourage user-generated content. This will help maintain authenticity and build trust amongst customers. 
  • Repurpose bits of your video content for further marketing strategies and promotions for your target audience. 

In conclusion, taking care of the finer details well in advance is crucial to avoid common livestreaming mistakes and take it up a notch to ensure a win-win experience for both brands and customers. Maximize the impact of your livestreams and garner more engagement and sales by simply following the tips mentioned above. By sidestepping these pitfalls, you can ensure smoother, more effective livestreams that resonate with your audience and drive your objectives forward.

Nidhi Sharma
Marketing Executive

With 8 years of writing experience, Nidhi brings Swirl's voice to life, delivering insightful updates and industry trends with video commerce and pertinent ideas at her fingertips.

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