June 19, 2023

How Live Selling Can Help Your Brand Build a Strong D2C Brand

Build a strong direct-to-consumer business with live selling. See how Swirl's live video commerce solutions empower high engagement and drive traffic.
How to create a Successful D2C brand
Building a Strong D2C Brand

For a D2C brand to make a mark in the current eCommerce landscape, it has to display the kind of dynamic scale that is only possible by leveraging technology. With Swirl’s live commerce solutions, brands can open up new avenues and reach thousands of viewers at the same time.

To achieve growth in the current eCommerce environment, brands must adopt a strategy that combines scale, scope, and efficiency. This requires embracing agility and modernizing approaches to both retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones while discarding outdated and ineffective methods.

Live Commerce strategy

As part of this strategy, brands should leverage new technology platforms to gain improved access to larger and more diverse markets. By hosting live selling events, brands can establish virtual closeness with potential customers, fostering engagement and proximity.

Live commerce has become a powerful tool in the marketing arsenal of the large enterprise community. Today we’ll be looking at how your brand can benefit and expand its reach with one-to-many live streaming.

Build A Strong D2C Business With Live Shopping

More and more brands are increasingly adopting D2C (Direct-to-consumer) models as their go-to marketing strategy. An eMarketer study revealed that the US direct-to-consumer revenue is expected to grow to $174.98 billion this year. 

The main challenge in establishing and launching a direct-to-consumer (D2C) business is the perceived inability of independent brands to compete with the scale of marketplaces, potentially resulting in customer loss to these platforms.

For established brands aiming to develop a D2C business, the key areas of focus should be ensuring product-market fit and prioritizing ease of use, discoverability, engagement, and analytics. By incorporating live commerce into their sales channels, brands can generate significant revenue and enhance customer engagement, making a substantial impact on their business.

How to Build an eCommerce D2C Marketing Strategy?

With a live commerce platform like Swirl, brands can:

  • Create live shopping events to increase engagement and boost awareness
  • Create short shoppable videos and use to enhance product pages  
  • Offer private virtual shopping appointments to customers 
  • Access first-party data and analytics on customer preferences

These features enable regular sales and growth, help with more targeted sales and marketing strategies, and improve outreach activities. 

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Control Customer Experience

The direct-to-consumer model helps businesses improve profitability by controlling the entire discovery and purchase experience of the customer. This is critically important because a good buying experience ensures that your customers trust you and keep coming back. 

customer experience & loyalty in live commerce

One of the most effective ways to create a great buying experience is to actually know the customer. The only way to do this – apart from talking to real customers – is to get real-time information and first-party data. 

Utilizing a live commerce platform such as Swirl enables brands to establish a direct sales channel in a controlled and branded environment. Through live video selling and personalized recommendations, customers can effortlessly explore products and progress through their purchasing process.

Furthermore, brands gain access to verified customer data, sales-qualified leads, and real-time engagement analytics. By leveraging these enhanced analytics, enterprise businesses can develop improved marketing strategies and optimize their overall success.

Virtual Clienteling Strategies: Driving Brand Success Through Personalized Engagement

Own Your Own Data

When you use a marketplace, you have limited access to data on consumer behavior, returns on marketing spends, and usually no way of reaching out directly to a customer. This can considerably reduce your visibility and restrict your ability to make effective marketing strategies. 

Through live commerce own your data

Through live commerce, brands have the opportunity to engage in direct interactions with their customers. This interaction provides access to valuable customer data, including verified contact information, which can be utilized for future communications. By leveraging this information, brand representatives can personalize follow-ups, share exclusive offers, and showcase new collections, thus strengthening the bond between the customer and the brand.

Apart from this, Swirl provides a dashboard with first-party data and customer behavior analytics. When it comes to making marketing or sales plans, this data is an invaluable source of help in creating more targeted plans and getting better ROI. 

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Live shopping is a new avatar of eCommerce and it has already begun to sweep the world. In countries like China, live shopping is the most popular way to shop online, but in most other regions, it is still nascent. However, brands that adopt it early are likely to see great success and earn a layer of differentiation.

In addition, live shopping can increase business, build brand awareness, and deepen customer relationships with a cost-efficient technology for mass reach. It’s THE next step for all D2C brands. If you’d like to see how live shopping can help your business, book a free demo now or check out our case studies section. 

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