10 Content Ideas for a Fool-proof Video Commerce Strategy

Unleash your video commerce potential with captivating content ideas that engage viewers and drive sales. Take cues from the content ideas of Swirl’s customers and let this blog be your guide, showcasing proven strategies for success.

Prashant Ramani
May 15, 2024
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Unlocking the full potential of your video commerce strategy begins with innovative content ideas that captivate your audience and drive conversions. At Swirl we’ve witnessed first-hand the power of creative content in engaging customers and boosting sales. From unique product demos to attractive offers, there's no limit to the content possibilities that can be expressed through videos. 

Consider this blog your ultimate checklist for content ideas with proof of how brands have achieved quantifiable success with innovative video content. Straight from our content desk to your screens, take cues from our brands and elevate your video commerce game by putting your own spin on content ideas that truly work. 

Video Content Buckets that Actually Work

1. Showcase new launches

Unveil your latest collection/products through a series of engaging videos to create buzz and give your customers an exclusive preview. Highlight product features, USPs, utility, other details, etc. for a complete overview. Take cues from our brands Mulmul and TVS on how to nail a product showcase perfectly on shoppable videos and livestream respectively. 

2. Branded Content

Tell your brand story right by creating shoppable branded content. Engage the ideal customer by showing your brand aesthetic, values, product benefits, USPs, and more. Convey tips on how to use your product for the best outcome. Get inspired by GK Hair’s fool-proof branded content strategy to drive sales. 

3. UGC

Nothing speaks authenticity more than content created by real customers. Employ UGC videos in your video commerce strategy to build brand trust, foster loyalty, and heighten reach. Cover content that can only be shown through real customer experience and simplify decision-making for potential customers. If you’re looking for ideas, nobody does UGC better than Traya and LG USA. 

4. Sale/Limited Offers

Capture your audience by hosting flash sales and creating limited offers. Create FOMO, make them an offer they can't refuse, and tap into impulse buying tactics. Check out how Vivo and Iqoo boost sales and engagement by hosting gamified offers and discounts on their live shows. 

5. Highlight Bestsellers

Identify your most-loved or most-purchased products and create a shoppable video carousel. This enables easy product discovery while highlighting your products’ utility and best features. Take cues from Momstore on how to maximize your bestsellers. 

6. Bundled products

Pair up your complementary products and increase AOV by creating bundled product lists and offers. Showcase styling tips, personal care and beauty regimes, accessory combinations, and more. Get inspired by Keune and Rubans on how to upsell your products. 

7. Niche products

Deep dive into your niche product line with a series of educational shoppable videos. Discuss benefits, customer reviews, how-to details, making processes, and much more. Check out how Shredskinz uses shoppable videos to spread brand awareness and answer customer queries. 

8. BTS/Process

Authenticity is an asset. Build customer trust by showing your product-making process and giving customers a glimpse of all the behind-the-scenes action. Avimee Herbal is the perfect example of how a brand can inspire trust through transparency. 

9. Influencer/Celebrity Collabs

To add an element of aspiration and glamor, influencer/celebrity collaborations are your best bet. Create attractive content using influencers for widespread reach and grabbing eyeballs. Take cues from brands like John Jacobs and Lifestyle that created snazzy branded content by employing celebrities and influencers for shoppable videos and livestreams. 

10. How-to videos

Nobody knows your brand like you do. To educate customers on how to best use your products, create how-to content with shoppable videos. Take tips from Boisson, a beverage brand, who’ve creatively shown product uses with delectable recipes. 

Impactful Content Placement 

Where you place your shoppable content matters as much as what you create. Go beyond the basic home page on your website to create a seamless visual and shopping journey for your customer at every step of their journey, from product discovery to final checkout. 

1. Home Page: Embedding a shoppable video carousel on your homepage works like a charm for promoting new launches and bestsellers. 

2. Collection Pages Showcase product variety and bestsellers with a shoppable video carousel on your collection page. 

3. Product Discovery Page A shoppable video on your PDP is great for fuelling the customer’s resolve to buy your product by engagingly giving more information. 

4. Picture-in-Picture Customers can read more about their product while watching the product video in PIP mode for instant association and easy decision-making. 

5. Performance Marketing Up your sales game by employing videos to your un-organic marketing tactics and lead the curious customer straight to your product page. 

6. Social Media Marketing Boost your brand awareness by using videos on your social media and redirecting high-intent customers to your website for a seamless shopping experience. 

7. Checkout Page Add shoppable videos of related products in the final checkout cart to give your customers a chance to pick another item they like and increase your AOV. 

8. Brand App For customers who shop more on your app (practically everyone with a smartphone), embedding shoppable videos there simply makes more sense for highlighting products and boosting sales. 

9. Website Story Switch up static website stories with videos and lead potential customers to your website. 

10. Exclusive Live Shows Foster direct connection with your customers and boost sales via livestreaming. 


As you embark on your video commerce journey, remember that creativity knows no bounds. With the right content strategy, you can forge deeper connections with your audience, inspire action, and drive meaningful results for your business. So, go ahead, experiment, innovate, and unlock the full potential of your brand through captivating shoppable video content. The possibilities are endless, and the rewards are boundless. Here's to your continued success through video commerce!

Prashant Ramani
Head of Global Customer Success

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