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Nidhi Sharma
June 26, 2023
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Navigating the transition from offline store to online live shopping can be intimidating. Most brands are able to provide a deeply customized in-store experience but find it challenging to imagine replicating this through video content. But livestream shopping can be a great way to bridge the gap between both worlds and turn viewers into long-term customers. Here are our top tips.

Live commerce is a strategy aimed at bridging the gap between physical and online shopping experiences. Brands acknowledge that shopping in-store allows customers to interact more intimately with the products. Being able to touch and feel items can help customers better understand and appreciate them. In contrast, live commerce can present unknowns and customers may be skeptical while making purchases. Therefore, a livestream shopping strategy should focus on providing a similar level of interactivity and ease of use to customers as shopping in-store.

The World of Online Commerce

How do you capture the interest of a consumer when there are dozens of online distractions battling for their notice every minute? How can you create effective content that leads customers from the awareness stage through to the purchase stage? How do you create a virtual shopping experience that can replicate the benefits of offline shopping?

In this article, we’ll address how to overcome these challenges and provide relevant and successful livestream shopping content. 

Problem 1: How can I persuade new customers to trust/try my brand through online-only live commerce content? 

Solution: Every customer wants to trust the brand they buy from, whether online or offline. Apart from your own brand promises, having trusted influencers speak for you is a great way to build trust. 

Using influencers and micro-influencers can make a huge difference in sales numbers generated through livestream shopping. When there isn’t an option to trial a product for themselves, customers will rely on the testimonials of people they trust. A study by MuseFind, an influencer marketing platform, found that 92% of customers trust influencers more than celebrities. While they may have reservations about accepting brand claims, customers will pay attention when an expert or an influencer confirms the same.

How to Build Trust With E-Commerce Customers

In China, Viya Huang, ex-singer and top Taobao livestreamer, leveraged the power of live commerce and streamed content on Singles Day to showcase her products. Nicknamed the Queen of Livestream by Bloomberg, Viya sold over $45 million worth of products in just one day! Known for being selective about what she promotes and sells, Viya is perceived as reliable and honest by her followers, making her an influencer to reckon with. As a brand, it's essential to assure customers of safe transactions, easy returns, and refunds, to build trust and loyalty among your customer base.

However, as a brand, one aspect of communication should come from you: your commitment to safe and hassle-free transactions, and transparent return and refund policies. This not only establishes trust with customers but also encourages them to return for future purchases. After all, a positive buying experience can go a long way in building customer loyalty and boosting brand reputation.

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Problem 2: How can I persuade customers to make a decision when they can’t experience the product for themselves? 

Solution: Create livestream shopping content designed to allow customers to explore the products as much as possible. By providing all the information they need, you can persuade customers that they need your product and give them a chance to see how it fits into their lives. 

Offering various avenues for customers to experience your product can increase the likelihood of a purchase. By creating live commerce content that caters to a diverse audience, you can produce livestreams that provide comprehensive product information to your customers.

When you plan your live commerce content, consider the many types of usage and the diverse motivations customers have to use your product. This will help you generate ideas and scripts to show customers how much they need your product. Some of these include: 

  • Demos of how to use it or make the most of it 
  • Tutorials on how to set it up or make it work
  • DIY or home improvement projects that are easier because of it
  • Trial videos or haul videos 
  • Unboxing or review videos
Persuading Customers To Take Action

On the Myntra app, almost all items now have a video clip of a live model wearing or modeling the product. This gives customers a better idea of the material, flow, and drape of the item than static pictures. 

We all know how carefully the Indian consumer does research before buying formal wear for weddings. PN Rao in Bangalore is one of the most trusted names in menswear for formal or special occasions. During the pandemic, PN Rao partnered with Swirl to offer customers virtual tours, product selection advice, and even custom styling as a part of their livestream shopping content.

By the end of their campaign, they had raised over 5000 leads during a lockdown and boosted month-on-month sales by 37%. 

Find out how Swirl can help you create livestream content that grows your eCommerce sales.

Problem 3: How can I replicate the personal touch of in-store sales staff in a live commerce video?

Solution: The online medium provides many ways to touch base with your customer. It is also the medium that most customers are increasingly becoming comfortable with. Use various modes of interaction to help customers feel a connection with your brand and product.

One of the greatest benefits of a livestream shopping strategy is that it enables businesses to engage in live commerce and interact with their customers in real-time, providing valuable insight into their virtual shopping experience. This allows for more effective communication and a better understanding of customer concerns.

 Live commerce also offers a unique opportunity to interact with customers through various means such as offering advice, conducting polls, answering frequently asked questions, or providing exclusive coupons and information on upcoming sales. With proper training, businesses can leverage their already-trained employees to seamlessly transition to online live commerce interactions.

Make online shopping more personal with Virtual Shopping

By embracing live commerce and utilizing the power of real-time customer engagement, businesses can enhance their customer experience, drive sales, and build lasting relationships with their audience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of this exciting trend in retail.

Zariin is a digital-only fine jewelry brand that is made in India and retails in 21 countries worldwide. It already offers thoughtful services like free repairs and lifetime warranties, but without a store presence, the brand wanted to establish a deeper connection with customers.

Zariin partnered with Swirl to create virtual appointments with a jewelry stylist, offer advice on cleaning and care, fashion advice, and offer special prices for their End of Season Sale. 

The result? Zariin saw an increase of 117% in customer engagement, a 3x increase in average order value, and a 32% increase in conversions thanks to livestream shopping videos.

Browse more case studies to understand how Swirl has helped its partners.

Problem 4: I’ve invested in creating a great in-store experience for my customers. How can a virtual shopping experience match that?

Solution: Livestream shopping can offer an engaging, informative experience that customers enjoy – if you invest time and effort in your content. 

Live commerce presents boundless possibilities for businesses to experiment and offer customers a delightful, useful experience. With no restrictions on space, the reach is infinite, allowing companies to cater to a larger audience. Data, analysis, and technology offer effective ways to connect with customers and improve communication. As a result, it's worth considering investing more time and money in live commerce to reap its benefits.

How Retailers Can Bring In-store Experiences to Online Shopping

Invest time in researching brands that offer similar products and already have a strong online presence. Analyze what strategies they use to attract and engage their customers. This can help you develop engaging live commerce content that resonates with your target audience.

Consider scripting your livestream shopping events, using visually appealing backgrounds, and investing in apt gadgets and software. These efforts can turn your livestreams into powerful sales tools that drive conversions and grow your business.

Chipotle is a Mexican fast-food chain that leverages its vibrant heritage and delicious food through its online presence. On Cinco De Mayo, the Executive Chef of Chipotle took to the screen with a series of recipe videos for margaritas. By participating in the fun around the biggest Mexican festival of the year, and by adding value for the viewer, the brand was able to strengthen its authentic Mexican identity.

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Problem 5: It is easier to create a brand identity offline than online. How will my customers recognize my brand in livestream content?

Solution: By staying true to your brand personality, you can create a deeply memorable brand identity through your live commerce strategy. 

To make your brand stand out during livestream shopping, consider how customers perceive it. Is it aspirational, approachable, or inspirational? By leveraging this identity in your live commerce strategy, you can reinforce brand recall and ensure effective messaging.

Online Vs. Offline Brand Marketing

Use brand logos and colors in the background, and shoot live commerce content in your store if possible to create a unique and appealing behind-the-scenes experience. Discuss other products under your brand during the livestream to showcase the breadth and depth of your offerings, making connections that could lead to secondary purchases.

For example, Origins is a cosmetics company that uses only naturally-derived ingredients. Their experts host a regular video session that discusses skincare issues with customers. The staff of Origins offers demos of the products thorough live commerce, opening them to display textures, packaging, ingredients, and more. If a customer logs in to watch how to use sunscreen, they are also exposed to other products during the live chat, which means they will be more likely to buy a second product. 

It is important that your livestream content is consistent, brand-specific, and helpful. Find out the top 5 things to know before you begin planning video content.


Instead of comparing offline to online, think of live commerce as a unique but equally critical part of your business. For many brands, building a brand in the livestream shopping space has proven to be a catalyst for strengthening the business. If you view live commerce as a fad, you will not be able to capitalize on the immense potential that it offers. 

Apart from the potential in terms of revenue, livestream commerce has an added advantage. It helps you future-proof your business. Whether the pandemic has affected your brand or not, there are always factors – black swan events, changing consumer behaviors, new competitors, etc – that may impact your business. By moving with the times and creating new sources of revenue, you are simply future-proofing your business. 

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As consumers spend more time in the online medium, the brands that are present are the ones that will benefit from increased brand recall and boosted sales. Livestream Shopping is here to stay, and it is likely that brands that cannot be agile will be left behind. 

Nidhi Sharma
Marketing Executive

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